Your Business Can Be Improved

Your Business Can Be Improved

Every new business struggles initially.  If this is you, struggling and uncertain about what to do, your business can be improved.  I call it a learning curve, with emphasis on learning. The key to understanding any business is getting to the basis. Whether you’re in multi-level marketing (mlm), online networking, networking marketing, affiliate marketing, etc…Establish the foundation and watch how quickly your business grows.

4-Step Strategy

Today I want to give you the foundation steps I used to take my business to the next level. Don’t think you can jump in the water without expecting to swim.  Getting the foundation in any business will help you stay afloat.

Step 1 – Connect With a Coach or MentorYour Business Can Be Improved

I consider myself as a friendly outgoing person who loves hanging around family and friends.  I love how we connect when we come together.  Because of that, I reached out to my family and friends to introduce them to my business. Before I knew what happened, they were avoiding me. If you take this approach you will run out of prospect quickly. When they started avoiding eye contact with me when we came together,  I knew I had to run my business a different way and I needed help.  Then I was introduced to a program that change my  whole view point.

This program provided me with a coach and an interactive training system. I dove into my training until I had a clear understanding of what to do.

The coaches in this Program understands that everyone learns at a different pace.  Some catch on quickly and others need a little more help as I did.  Through continuous work and clear understanding I received my first commission.

Step 2 – Understand the Basic

Your Business Can Be Improved

Whether you connect with a coach or not, you still need to get the foundation.  Once you have the foundation, it will give you a clearer picture and it will help you through trouble times in your business.

You need a plan!  Understanding the basic is creating a marketing plan.  No, I am not referring to drag out plan that confuses everyone including yourself; but, a short term (1 year or less) and long term (1 year or more) plan. Getting the basic is all about establishing short term goals and ensuring they are reachable.

Step 3:  Accountability Partner

Yes, accountability has a major impact on how your business can be improved.  Your Business Can Be Improved
Every project I worked on, the instructor commissioned me to find an accountability partner.  Find someone that is going in the same direction as yourself.

I approached this slightly different.  In addition to looking for someone going in the same direction, I always looked for that individual who would push me and I allow me to push them.

Never partner up with someone that looks to you to do all of the work. Accountability allows both of you to present your strong traits and learn from each other’s. It’s taking that knowledge and applying it to your business that will help you expand.

Accountability partner can also identify your weakness. These areas are usually not on your radar.  They are brought to surface and shines in your face like a bright flash light.

Step 4 – Implementation

Your Business Can Be Improved

Ok, you’ve reached out to your coach/mentor; you understand the basic; you connected to an accountability partner; now, it’s time for implementation.

Take what you’ve learned and run with it.  Sprint to the finish line.  Understand that implementation is a part of your short term and long term goals.  This allows you to always have a clear view of what you are trying to achieve.

Implementation involves daily application.  These can be but not limited to:

  • emailing your list,
  • meeting individuals in your niche or marketing arena
  • socially connecting to others
  • providing value to others
  • applying your marketing techniques
  • learning something new
  • helping others, etc…

You should be implementing one of these strategies daily.  Remember, the purpose of these 4 steps is another way to help you improve your business, daily.

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Your Business Can Be Improved

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