Who Determines Success

You are on Facebook in one of the groups you are a member and you see a newsfeed of one of your fellow marketers that says, “You just earn a commission.”  When you review, you see a list of profit totaling 5-figures. So, who determines success? You then go to another group and see similar posting.  You ask yourself, why can’t I be that successful? Why are these people collecting so much daily and I am still struggle?  Who determines success?

My friend, please understand three will always be someone out there making more money than you.  It does not mean you are not successful.  There are people who consider themselves successful and do not have 5-figure income coming in daily.  What they do have is love ones that surround them every chance they get.

They would say, “I don’t have the riches of the world but I do have happiness.” Proverbs 22:1 says “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver and gold.

I write this as not to denote riches, but to provide you with a clear understanding that money should not be the only thing you think about. The best way to get to that 6-figure income is to help others.  I know it is an old cliché in the marketing business, but it’s true.  When your desire switches from making to helping it changes your whole attitude on success.

This is both in your home business and life.  When you start putting others before yourself, you will see your needs being met.    You want to be sincere about what you do because as my mom would say to me “children knows when someone is not right;” I say to you, “people know when you are not sincere.”

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Don’t Compare Yourself With Everyone

Who determines success through comparing?  No one should however, everyone does.  If you compare yourself to others and determine that’s where you should be presently and not focusing on future endeavors is the first stop on the road to not being successful.  Why?  Successful people earn success!  Don’t look at ever successful person and determine you are a failure. You are focusing on the wrong thing and you don’t know how long it took that person to reach the position they are in now.

The problem with comparing is we look at people in the present state and not what you went through to get where they are now.  You didn’t see the obstacles and hurdles they had to cross or  the sleepless night and long days trying to figure out their niches.  You will not see any of that when you look at them today – you will only see is the fruit of their labor.

“Walk a mile in my shoes, then see what I see, feel what I feel, THEN maybe you’ll understand why I do what I do. “

Never think the road to success is easy.  It takes hard work and determination to make.  Who determine success?  Let’s read on to find out.

Two types of comparison

There are two types of comparisons in this world.  You can go into details, but all of it can be categorized as positive and negative comparisons.  When I was in college, my roommate would watch everything I did and then pattern her life after it.  It became so frustrating to me that I stop informing her of my next move.  Little did I know at the time my actions were helping her.  In a discussion she mentioned to me and I quote, “you know I have to do what you do, it keeps me on the right path.”  What the What? All this time I thought she was trying to outperform me but in reality I was helping her make correct decisions.  I call this positive comparison.

Now, let flip this around and say she was trying to outperform me and do anything negative to reach her goal.  Continue to look at the other person’s performance and put you down, I call that negative comparison.  Never compare yourself in a negative way.  This action will be detrimental to you in the future.  If you stay in the present state, you live your life in the present.  Always work towards future goals and what you and your business explode.

So, who determines success?  It’s coming up soon.

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Focus on You

Now that we moved from positive and negative comparisons, let’s move our focus to you.  What are you doing to determine success?  Bloggers can write until their hands are purple and blue; however, if there are no implementations everything you learned is in vain.  Do not let you skills go dormant because you don’t know what to do next.

Answer this question, ‘what is stopping you from reaching your goal?’ Are you lost?  Are you afraid?  Or, you just don’t know?  Whatever your answer is, my suggestion to you is to get plugged into a system that was created to help individuals as yourself become successful.  A system that helps you gets over the negative obstacles on move forward.  A system that teaches you to understand when negative things happen in your business, it is not to stop you on your way to success but to make and prepare you for success.

Look at it this way.   How can you help people through their struggles and you never got past yours. The reason you are where you are now is to reach back and help those who are and will go through the same obstacles you have accomplished.

We are placed on this earth to prosper.  Prosperity does not come free.  You have to work your business and continue to feed your mind, body, and soul.  To do that stay plugged in and don’t get discourage.

who determines successNow I will ask the question one more time.  Who determines success?  The answer is YOU.  You determine your success, not others.  Continue to have tunnel vision and watch how success catches up with you.  Help others so you can help yourself.

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I hope reading about Who determines success gives you a clear understand about where you should be.  As always, I love helping individuals reach their goals both spiritually and professionally, please share with others if you found “there are five types of people” helpful.

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Who Determines Success

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