Who are you trying to reach?

The downfall to newbies and experienced marketers in their home business is they don’t know who they should be talking to.  Ask yourself, who are you trying to reach?

This is the continuation of the “simple 7 step attraction” writing by MyLeadSystemPro CEO.  If you haven’t, read the blogs that lead up to today’s blog: Start Branding YouBuilding Relationship is the Key to SellingEngage Your Audience to Uncover Their Pain,  Learn to Build, Engage, and Sell and Create Content that Addresses Your Audience Daily.

When you are able to answer the question who are you trying to reach, you are at the pinnacle of starting to reach your business goals.

Who Are You Trying To ReachLet’s face it.  So many distractions are out there and living in a world where ADHD is high, we tend to follow it.

Someone puts out the next best thing to get more leads and we jump on the band wagon.  Someone else puts out something different we move in that direction.

What does this do?  It moves us from our number one focus and before we know it, we are chasing everybody and reaching nobody.

In attraction marketing you produce and let everyone you are trying to reach chase you.  It is just that simple.

So today, let’s discuss who are you trying to reach.

The purpose of the blog is not tell you who they are  but to help you find them.

Who do you want to serve?

Recently I was listening to one of Jim Rohn books on audio and a profound statement has stuck with me.

If you have not tapped into his books, you are missing some great nuggets.  I call learning from him with a little sense of humor.

The statement that opened my eyes was “find ways to help someone by serving them and not being served.”

The first thing I believe in attraction marketing is understanding who you want to serve.  This goes back to creating your avatar in the niche you’ve chosen.

When you get a clear understanding about who you want to serve, you will notice you are not all over the place looking for the next best thing.

Your focus is one group (maybe two) and your goal is giving them as much value as possible to help them.

This can be weight loss, travel, real estate, finance, etc… Whatever you network marketing business you are in learn to serve those who are seeking help.  Believe me they are out there.  Just remember to be true to yourself and true to them.

The value you give can be simple things like low fat recipes to weight loss supplements and what they do.  If in real estate, showing people how that can save on travel or what to look for when purchasing property.  If in finance discussing great financial benefits.

People are searching and when you are willing to give them what they need at no cost, the rewards are much higher in the long run.

It prepares them for purchasing in the near future or recommending you as the go to person to others.

Who do you want to be?

Now that you know who you want to serve, ask yourself how do you want to appear to them.

Let’s look social media and think about what’s happening on there.  You see everyone trying to get someone to join their team.

Every group you join in your niche, the only thing you see is people posting their links hoping someone will click on it.

Nothing else.

I call this the chaser.  Do you want to be the chaser or chasee?

You want to be the go to person for your specialty, the chasee.

The best way to start branding yourself and giving value is to discuss ways to improve your prospects and customers well being.

The more you show them how to grow increase the more they look to as the expert.

So the answer to the question of who do you want to be is “THE EXPERT.”

Who or What is your target audience?

This piggyback off of who you want to serve.  As I mentioned before, until you identify who you are trying to reach you are floating in the wind.

To become the expert in your niche or group, you need to know who they are and what they are looking for.

Once you identify your target audience you will know how to craft your content.  For example, you can’t reach real estate investors with weight loss products or sport experts with way to decorate their homes. Those audiences are not interested.  They want to see how things can improve what they do.

Giving the wrong information to the wrong people is time wasted for you and for them.

The purpose of identifying your target audience is to ensure you are reaching the right person with the right information.

When your are targeting correctly, the correct prospects and customers will reach out to you.

My conclusion

Becoming an attraction marketer takes time.  The only way to start branding yourself is to continue to put out information daily or at least 3 to 5 times a week.

The only way to do this is to stay plug into your network marketing business line.

The majority of multi-level marketing has an informational call and training where they are giving valuable content for you.  It is up to you to use it.

Take advantage of everything you network marketing company has to offer and take what you’ve learned and start serving others.

Every Wednesday night at 9:00, we have a training that expands on what’s new in network marketing.  You don’t have to join anything.  Attend these trainings and use them to your advantage.  Sign up here and you will get a reminder about the live trainings.

If you found value, please let me know.  All of my information is below. If you need help and a clearer understanding of what you should be doing, email me below.

Priscilla Fauntleroy


P.S. – If you are in a multi-level marketing (mlm) company and are looking for ways to get more leads and customers,  watch this video. It goes into detail what you should be doing daily.

Who are you trying to reach


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