Where Are You Now?

Have you ever thought about where you should be in your home business?  If so, where are you now? That’s a simple question and should be answered easily.  However, for some it is very difficult.  Because answering it makes them face reality.

Where are you nowEveryone starts at the same line when running a race. When that gun goes off, everyone takes off.  Initially, everyone is even and eventually you see several pulling away.  At the finish line, only one excel.  There may be a few coming in seconds later, but one winner.

Unlike a race, starting your home business and following through, there is no one winner.  Home business is a business where everyone can win.  Speed does not exist in because everyone is free to work at their own pace. It’s what you do, that make it counts. Where are you now?

Everyone is given the same tools to succeed according to their home businesses.  What happens to some is obstacles steps in the way, struggles in everyday’s life, and false evidence appearing real (fear) interrupts the pace.  Whereas 100 people started today, within 6-months less than 10% are still moving at the same pace. Are you one of the 10%?  Where are you now?

Let Me Help

Let’s get you back on target.  One thing that registers in my mind every time I think about start fresh is at simple statement from my child’s principal.  He would say every morning walking into the door, regardless of what happened the day before, it’s a new day lets get started.  So now, when ever in ask you “where are you now?”  Your statement should be, it’s a new day lets get started.

Do not look back and say I wish I did ….. (you complete the sentence).  Learn from the statement you’ve completed, and press forward. So, lets work out what some of your daily routine should be.  Every day you wake up, be thankful to God and focus on the day ahead.  Now, as we move forward, I will remind you not to be anxious for anything.  We want to established a routine that you can maintain and not fell overwhelmed.

Before I go into my 5-step routine, I am recommending that you enroll in My Top Tier Business by MOBE and start the 21-step training to increase your business.  Is this mandatory, No – However, it is very helpful to invest in yourself and get the training you need.  These daily 21-steps will help you stay on target.

5-Simple Daily Steps

  1. Work your business –  choose to do something everyday that will add value to you and to others.  If you are press for time, find a marketing technique that requires limited interactions, but places you in a position to look at what’s going on and to act upon it.  If you miss a day, don’t fret, continue with where you are now and move forward.
  2. Invest in your skills – take 30 minutes to learn something simple and something new.  I understand you are business and have a full-time job.  I am also in that position; however, I used valuable time such as lunch and read something that will enhance my skills.  Then later on in the date, I try to implement what I’ve learned.
  3. Attend daily calls-  I never realized how important these calls are until I started attending them myself.  They are encouraging and full of training.  These daily calls are usually not from the same person so you get fresh new ideas within 15 minutes.
  4. Connect with a fellow marketer-  if you are on Facebook, Twitter, or any type of social media platform, use these mechanism to connect.  Make sure you are joining groups that is all about the training and not the selling.  Don’t get lost in the weed.
  5. Build your list and call your lead- I know this is hard especially for newbies.  However, within My Top Tier Business 21-Step Program, they show you ways of building you list.  Here are a few to help you along the way until you are able to access your training.
    1. FREE so ads –  Google free ads and review ways you can advertise you business.  Manta.com provides free ads.  They also offer enhanced ads at an additional cost.
    2. Post to FB groups you are a member.  Add value to your posting and watch leads start to pour in.
    3. Start your own blog.  In the right column is a great blog training by Ray Higdon.

The key to all you do, is to maintain consistency and eventually you will get to where you are going.  If you never read anything else from me, remember this.  Just because you are not where you want to be does not mean you are not where you suppose to be.  Every step you take, every move you make will place you where you want to be.

So, where are you now?….On your road to success.

I love helping and showing fellow network marketers and others how to increase their traffic flow.  If you found this article and is interested in learning more, please email me below and share with others.

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Where Are You Now?

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