When to Start Your Own Business

Many have said, “I am tired of working and getting nothing out of it, when to start your own business?”  This is a question that has baffled the massive and some are still asking it after many years of contemplating.

Before I go on I must say, if God has placed on your heart to start your own business and it keeps coming up, most likely it is time to start.  On the other hand, it these thoughts enter your mind and you don’t think about it anymore, chances are this may not be the right time for you.  It does not mean you should not start one in the near future; however, the present time is not the right fit at the moment.

There are a lot When To Start Your Own Businessof reasons you should start your business.  Some of them could be, but not limited to, you are tired of moving from job to job because of closure or the job is not the right fit.  Another could be needing extra income to meet financial needs.  What about how you see yourself in the future and the picture is grim.  Maybe you like a certain lifestyle and starting your own business will put in the position you want to be.  Regardless of the reasons, you know within your heart that starting your own business is moving you into the right direction.  Because of my lack of knowledge when I started my own business, I was introduced to this great marketing platform that gave me the training to move forward with confidence.

Things to Think About Before You Start Your Own Business

This is a very important step and should not be taken lightly.  It takes hard work and commit to reach the successful level of your goal.  A lot of people start only to find out they cannot take it.  The key thing to remember here is that your success in business may not reflect the same successful level of others.  It does not mean you are not successful.  So, let’s discuss briefly three things you should consider before starting your own business.

  1. Finance – One of the most important thing to considered.  Do you have the finance to maintain a thriving business until you are able to see return on investment (ROI).  Depending on what type of business you chose, you will need from $99 to over $100,000 for initial startup.  Some would ask, what business start at $99?  There are a lot of multi-level marketing businesses that take minimum to get in the door; however, may have to have additional income for inventory.  For example, Mary Kay, Herbalife, Younique, Avon, AutoCar, etc…The choice is yours.  If you looking to start your own store, restaurant, or franchise then that dollar amount increases.  I personal choose a multi-level marketing business because I knew what I could afford at the time.  Then I used the great marketing platform to develop/create Fauntleroy Marketing Strategy.
  2. Commitment – Now that you know the financial level you need to start and maintain a business; as I mentioned in Finance, you need to pick a business you know you can commit to.  I like to think of a marriage.  Many people said “I do,” but when things start getting rough, “they don’t.”  That’s where commitment kicks in.  No matter the obstacles that will arrive, you are committed to running your business until you see results.  Results don’t have to be big, just a change from when you first started.  In regards to multi-level marketing businesses, if you stay committed for 30 to 120 days, you will see major results in your business.  When to start your own business?  When you know you are able to commit.
  3. Consistency – As I mentioned under commitment, you can see results in your business within 30-120 days; you must maintain consistency.  Every day in my business, I am committed to doing certain task in my business.  For example, in social media, I make a point of meeting 10 to 20 new people daily.  Visit my YouTube channel where I explain how I meet 10 to 20 people daily.  In addition, I am writing a blog 3 to 5 times a week and I write “Tips to Detox Your Business” daily.  This is only a paragraph that gives my users some motivation and directions in their business.  These are three things I do daily in my business to move it to the next level.  Do I get results daily, the answer is No. But because of my consistency, I am heading in the right direction.  What I realize is my present actions dictate what will happen in the future.  If you keep your pipeline full, you will not hit the wall because you are consistent.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog on when to start your own business.  If you have any questions are concerns email me below.  If you are considering working with me, fill out the form and I will contact you within 24 hours.

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P.S. – If you are truly serious about starting your own business through a multi-level or affiliate marketing business.  Take some time and watch this 19 minute video about the marketing platform I use to help steer you me the right direction.


When to Start Your Own Business

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