What Is Your Why In Business

I don’t want to do this anymore.  No one will respond to me.  There has to be something better.  What is your why in business?

I ask this powerful question because if you don’t have a why, you will let the statements above make you quick.

As you read this blog, I want you to dig deep and if you have not, come up with your why.

Only you know the reason you decided to make that change in your life. It is you that have the ability to keep going or stop.

Only you know what’s going on inside that is taking you through turmoil or lifting your spirits up.

You have to ask yourself, why am I in this business.

Reasons for the Why

As I mentioned above.  So many promising marketers and entrepreneurs start a business only to give up within the first 6 months.

One of the reasons is because they never identified their why.

Your why needs to have some significance because without it you lose the zeal to succeed.

Meaning that it should not be just about making money.  We all know our ultimate goal is to make money; but why.

Your why should be the main thing that will get you to press on regardless of the current state of your business?

For example, my why is to place in my husband’s hand a check with 10+ thousand and say honey I did it.  We are closer to debt free this month then last month.  Also, to watch my kids walk through that door every day and say, “Mom we are home.”  In addition, to be able to take trips with the family and not worry about funds.

Your why will be different yet similar to others in so many ways.  It will be the driving force to make a difference in your life and those in your inner circle.

You have to love what you are doing in order to keep doing what you do.

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What is your why business

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