What is MyLeadSystemPro?

MyLeadSystemPro (MLSP) is one of the top marketing platform that helps network marketers, affiliate marketers, and internet marketers build their businesses since 2008.  Not only is it a great marketing platform for your businesses it also provides LIVE weekly lead-generation training, a full-blown funnel & website creator, a professional wordpress-based blogging platform, a world-class CRM, and powerful affiliate products that pay 100%.  To put it plan and simple, it helps build your brand and your business giving you the life of your dream.  In the majority of my blog post, I mentioned this great marketing platform.  So, to get a clear understanding of how MyLeadSystemPro can help you, I will be going into details and providing screen capture about the validity of  MyLeadSystemPro.

MyLeadSystemPro Back office

When you get access to MyLeadSystemPro’s back office you will immediately see the following information.

  • What is MyLeadSystemPro?Green arrow – As mentioned in my introduction, MLSP offers live weekly-lead generation training.  The training for the week whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Blogging, etc.. will be listed here. You can register for the training and all provide your link to your list to get like minded marketers attend for free.  No charge to you and definitely no charge to them. Everyone is always looking for a mastermind way to generate quality leads and make money online.
  • Black arrow – MLSP is always finding ways to help you in your business.  That’s why I call it the top marketing platform out there.  One of the new attribute to MyLeadSystemPro is they are now offering a Coaching Program.  This has recently been implemented which is why you see it immediately in the back office.  You have the opportunity to sign-up and getting one-on-one coaching and a lot more that would place you on the correct path to branding you and building your business.
  • Red arrows – In addition to the live weekly training, you also have motivational training through our Tuesday hangout and weekly class schedule.  So what happens if you miss a training, don’t worry because directly below the social media icons and the latest training that has been uploaded into your training vault.  I will show that a little later.  In essence, you will never be without.
  • Orange arrow – Direct link to your own personal MLSP blog site.  Yes, instead of blogging through other engines MLSP has it set up that you don’t have to go outside the system unless you want to.  MLSP provides you with detail training on how to set everything up.
  • Yellow arrow – Your own personal funnel.  Create the capture page to attract link minded individuals to you.  It can be a single capture page or a video you can upload from YouTube that will display when a person clicks you link.
  • Lavender arrow – You own customer relation management system (CRM).  As you are generating these quality leads, they are immediately loaded into your CRM with already made templates you can use to reach out to your prospects.  Every action you take is recorded so you can reference back and see the history.
  • Purple arrow – last but not the least is your marketing strategies.  In this section you will find detail training about any marketing strategy under the sun.  This section is explosive and I recommend you use one strategy first and master it before you proceed to the others.

That is the entry page when you log into MyLeadSystemPro.  A lot right?  There’s more and I will not be able to cover all in this blog.  So make sure you come back and get the rest.  Today’s focus is covering MLSP sites, MLSP Funnelizer and Offers, MLSP CRM, and the Marketing strategies.  So let’s dive in.

MyLeadSystemPro Sites for Blogging

Instead of going out and purchasing expensive blogging site, MyLeadSystemPro offers it to you for free within your membership. Don’t become intimidate and shy away from branding you through blogs.  As you see the image, MLSP gives you step-by-step training on how to get everything set and place you in a position to start generating leads.  Click on the video to get a quick glimpse of how to set up your blog.  And, to ensure your blog is set up correctly, MLSP back office provides you with a PDF file to follow and to use as a checklist when setting up. Once completed you will get your website, and credentials to start creating blogs daily.  Now the only thing you would need is to identify your niche and to start writing.  Blogging made simple.


MyLeadSystemPro Funnelizer for Capture Pages

In order to capture leads when people click your link you need a capture page.  I will say, there are a lot a tools out there that has template to create these pages for you.  Like MLSP sites, this is also a part of the package.  So what does the Funnelizer do?

FUNNBackOffice_FunnelizerELIZER is one of your most valuable tools inside of MLSP, and has become a fan favorite amongst many top earners. It create beautiful funnels and offers to ANYTHING you want: your business opportunity, your own products, MLSP affiliate products, your own coaching services… Heck, if you’re a realtor you can create capture pages and funnels to get more clients.  With the funnelizer you can get as creative as you want.  It is your person system to do as you please.

FUNNELIZER is proprietary MLSP software that requires NO technical knowledge to embrace, and you can start creating funnels TODAY!

FYI: marketers pay hundreds of dollars PER MONTH just for this caliber of world-class technology & software.

MyLeadSystemPro CRM 7-Figure Follow-Up

 What is the one reason people do not get people to join their business?  They fail to follow-up.   So why not use a system that give you step-by-step training on how to become a great prospector and followup on your leads.  What better system to do that than the MyLeadSystemPro’sCustomer Relationship Manager” (CRM) .  Another MLSP Proprietary Software that turns you into a Professional Online Marketer.

FACT: The forBackOffice_CRMtune is in the follow-up, and relationships are EVERYTHING. If you aren’t using a ‘CRM’ to keep track of your leads, you are losing a lot of business.  Big corporations that pay millions of dollars to get this type of world-class software into the hands of their sales teams because it will make your business a LOT of money!  By leveraging this effective marketing weapon IMMEDIATELY, and you will get results. Just another benefit of staying an ACTIVE MLSP MEMBER: Enjoy!


MyLeadSystemPro Marketing Strategies

If  you’re a social butterfly, you may want to start with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you like the spotlight and are comfortable with a camera, it might be video marketing. If you like writing, you may want to choose blogging & the MLSP SITES blogging platform first. All of them are available for training under MyLeadSystemPro Marketing strategies section.  We recommend that you pick one strategy first and master it to where you’re getting 5-10 LEADS PER DAY, and then add more strategies to your marketing arsenal over time. This will allow you to avoid “information overload,” and you will stay focused, on track, and you will get results!

If you’ve been internet marketing for any extended time you know that 3rd party companies such as Facebook, YouTube, and others, may change their policy terms frequently. MLSP makes every attempt to keep our videos updated, however please use as a guideline and be mindful of any policy changes and updates to these specific sites.

FYI – The 3 most recent MLSP Weekly Wednesday Webinar Recordings are offer this page. Make sure you watch them before we take them offline! When you become a Mastery Members have access to our “Training Library,” which gives you access to our entire recorded training vault at all times! Come back to get a clear understanding of what the library has to offer.

At the very top of the screen capture are 3 PDF’s for download that show you EXACTLY what to do every day in your business to get RESULTS, help you become more productive, and help you create a schedule & marketing blueprint for your business…

Four of the most important attributes you need as a marketer at your fingertip.  The only thing you need to do is just sign-up to become Mastery Marketer.


cropped-priscilla_full.fw_.pngPriscilla Fauntleroy
Fauntleroy Marketing Strategy
Email: pfauntleroy@fauntleroymarketingstrategy.com

P.S. – If you are truly serious about starting your own business through a multi-level or affiliate marketing business.  Take some time and watch this  video about the marketing platform I use to help steer you me the right direction.


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