What Am I Doing Wrong

When a marketer is not generating the leads or customers they want, the first thing they say is ‘what am I doing wrong?’

That’s major question has stop so many from pressing forward and enhancing their business.

what am i doing_wrongHave you ever thought that maybe it is not what you are doing wrong but what you are not doing?

Usually it takes a few tweaks or add on that would change the dynamics of your business.

So, today I am going to work with your mindset and give you a few suggestions that you can use today and make a difference in your business.

First, understand that no one is interested in your business.  When people log onto social media they are looking for things to entertain them.

Regardless of the struggles in their businesses, they are not looking for solutions on social media.

How do you reach these people?  How do you attract them to you?

The answer is very simple and so many marketers overlook it all times.

Give those who are struggling what they need to succeed. The statement is “give them value.”

Ways to Give Value

The statement is better said than done.  What is giving value all about?

Well that depends on what type of business you are in.

If you are in weight loss program that has generated major results from many, giving value could be giving samples.

However, I’ve learned that giving samples along do not make the cut anymore.  In addition to samples, give value about simple techniques that can start using immediately that would show results within the same time the samples run.

What about someone in traveling services?  You can’t give samples out for that can you?

So what if you provide your users with a great destination and ways to visit it a reasonable cost.

As we know people want good things but do not want to spend a lot on them.  I love traveling and when I find a flight for less than what I usually spend, that’s great value to me.

As I mentioned earlier about “what am I doing wrong,” may mean tweaking or add on.  The best way to do this is to think about what you need help with and use what you learn to help others.

Understand you want to attract them to you and one of the best ways to do this is to give them what they want to know “value.”

You may not reach everyone, but you will reach the one’s attracted to the Alpha you are.

Please share if you found value.

cropped-priscilla_full.fw_.pngPriscilla Fauntleroy
Fauntleroy Marketing Strategy
Email: pfauntleroy@fauntleroymarketingstrategy.com

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What am I doing Wrong

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