Ways To Make Money Quickly

I was reading a blog by Ray Higdon on ways to make money quickly and I thought I would share it with my audience today because I think these are great suggestions that would help you.  Keep in mind these are suggestions and not everything fits everyone.

It is up to you to act on any of these suggestions.  Where you are lacking, try one of them and watch how you quickly things changes.

Suggestions for Making Money Quickly

Suggestion 1 – Remove negativity from your thought pattern and focus more on prospecting.  Too often people compare themselves to other’s success and wonder why they are not profiting like them.  Everyone does things at their own pace so take your mind off other marketers and place it on those who really need your help.

Suggestion 2 – Attend events within your marketing business.  I need help in this area also.  But once I made up my mind I would attend events big changes started happening.  This decision gives you that extra zeal you need to make it. It switches your focus from doing nothinWays To Make Money Quicklyg to doing as much as you can.  Ray said it pumps your muscles by seeing others how others are creating success.  So make sure you attend your next event.  Like-minded people think alike.

Suggestion 3 – Accept or be grateful for your upline.  Everybody handles their businesses different and if you came into a business under a certain person, God meant for you to be there.  Stop wishing you had a different upline and focus doing what you are supposed to do to make money.

Suggestion 4 – Motivate your team by living by example.  Instead of telling them what to do, show them through your actions.  It should be tough to beat you in prospecting and recruiting because you are now the expert they are following.

Suggestion 5 – Combine improving your skills with prospecting others.  The quickest and simplest way of making more money is showing the plan to as many people as possible.  There is a ratio that says if you prospect 10 people the chances of recruiting out of the 10 is two.  The ratio gets higher as the prospecting number grows.  So think about it, if you set up to prospect 10 people every week within one year, you can have 104 people on your team.  Ways to make money quickly.

Suggestion 6 – Really think about your purpose of why you are in this.  What is your true vision that would allow you to be consistent in what you need to do.  When obstacles come in your way (it will), it will get you pass them and to continue to press forward.

Suggestion 7 – Understand, that it may take time to make money and the key is not to give up.  Also, don’t go broke by spending money on the next best thing.  Use your money wisely and really ask yourself if you really need the next best thing people have to offer.  The best way to increase your income is to help others.  The sincerity will show and they will be willing to accept your offer.  I like to say, “give them what they want before you get what you want.”

I leave this with you and hope you understand, Matthew 25:36 says “I was naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came to Me.”  Don’t leave them hanging, give them what they need.

priscillafauntleroyPriscilla Fauntleroy
Fauntleroy Marketing Strategy
Email: pfauntleroy@fauntleroymarketingstrategy.com

P.S. – If you are truly serious about making money more quickly in your own business through a multi-level or affiliate marketing business.  Take a minute and watch this 19 minute video about using the marketing platform I use to help steer you in the right direction.


Ways to Make Money Quickly

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