Ultimate Lead Gen Formula

Ultimate Lead Gen FormulaIt’s finally here!  The Ultimate Lead Gen Formula is finally here!  The new product can help anyone to rake in 30 plus quality leads per day for you home business in the next 30 days or less.  This new training product entails a live 6-weeks lead-generation intensive training including live coaching and lifetime access.

What’s in it for you!

I am glad you asked.  All this live training is 6 weeks, in weeks 1-3 you will learn the corn fundamentals of marketing: Attraction Marketing, sales funnel basics, creating you own irresistible offers, effective follow-up, and conversions.

In weeks 4-6, you will physically start getting traffic to your offers, and you will get leads for your business, even if you’ve lack leads in the past.

This is the exact ultimate lead gen formula Mark Harbert used to go from a stressed out corporate sales guy to build a list of 47,000 plus laser-targeted prospects.  I am very excited to introduce this product to my viewers.

I know the struggle that a lot of you are going through.  Your business is not turning out as expected.  As I always say throughout my blog, don’t ever give up.  People and items are place in you path to help you succeed.  If you are interested in this product you need to go into it with an open mind and ready for change.  So, let’s discuss the modules which will give you a clear understanding about the product.

Ultimate Gen Lead Formula’s Modules

  • Module 1:  Why “Attraction Marketing” will Save Your Business.  Learn what attraction marketing is and why you should embrace these core marketing philosophies today. You will be able to identify your target market and fully understand your target market’s needs, wants, desires and pains.
  • Module 2: Sales Funnel Basics to Get Leads & Buyers.  Everyone in the marketing industry should have a good sales funnel.  In this module you will understand the basics of traffic and conversions. You will learn how to create an irresistible offer live and dissect capture pages, bridge pages, and sales pages for a clear understanding online marketing process.
  • Module 3: The Keys to Effective Follow-up for Max Profits. Amateur marketers will do anything for the instant sale.  A professional marketers understands that the fortune is in your follow-up sequence.  You will learn the secrets to effective follow-up will your e-mail autoresponder so you can make sales on automation while you sleep.
  • Module 4:  Get Leads with YouTube.  Now you ready to tap into a platform that has over 1 billion red-hot users and get leads.  Learn more about keyword research where you will find the most profitable keywords for your specific business.  Also learn how to create videos by using the perfect video script that will eventually allow you to do this full time.
  • Module 5: Get Leads with Facebook PPC & Video Ads.  You will get one-on-one training on how to set-up a FB PPC ad and a FB Video Ad so you can get ready to buy leads for your business immediately.
  • Module 6:  Alternative Traffic Methods for Red-Hot Leads.  Your ultimate goal is to get lead. You will now learn more about 3 additional traffic sources that will provide you with an endless pool of targeted prospects and hungry buyers.

Irresistible Bonuses

  • Special invite into a Private FaceBook group for Ultimate Lead Gen Formula students only! You will be able to collaborate with hundreds of other students going through the same curriculum with additional support, Q&A, training and networking.
  • Attraction Marketing Interviews with 6-Figure+ Industry Leaders. Listen to one-on-one interviews with the top MLSP leaders that dissect just One topic:  What is Attraction Marketing.
  • Mastermind Rockstars Audio Sessions. Behind closed doors Mark took 8 students and got them 15+ leads per day in a matter of weeks. He recorded all 12 sessions and now are being made available to you.
  • MP3 Audios of Ultimate Lead Gen Formula – Get everything you’ve learn on MP3 files and take them with you where ever you go and continuously learn how to

All of this is for you to learn the Ultimate Lead Gen Formula and start generating leads immediately.  Because I am sure you will not regret your purchase, there is a 30 days 100% Risk Free.  So for 30 days you get to learn as much as possible for free.  Details will be in the packet on how to retrieve your refund.

Click and order the Ultimate Lead Gen Formula.

I hope learning about Ultimate Lead Gen Formula  gives you a clear understand about where you should be.  As always, I love helping individuals reach their goals both spiritually and professionally, please share with others if you found “there are five types of people” helpful.


priscillafauntleroyPriscilla Fauntleroy
Fauntleroy Marketing Strategy
Email: pfauntleroy@fauntleroymarketingstrategy.com

P.S. – MLSP Co-Founder Brian Fanale was speaking at a marketing event in San Diego a few weekends ago, and he created a 19 minute video sharing his #1 takeaway from a full weekend of ‘advanced traffic strategies.’ Check it out Here.


Click and order the Ultimate Lead Gen Formula.

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