There Are Still More People To Reach

When I first started network marketing and watched the results of individuals that came before me who were doing well.  My first thought was who can I reach and bring value to the table.  It seemed everyone interested in network marketing was taken, at least the good ones.  Then my coach from the Ignition Coach Program said, Priscilla, have you grasp the world’s population?  Do you really know how many people that are out there struggling and searching for  ways to reach people and get more clients?  Of course I know the world’s population; however, I did not equate that to network marketing. So to get a clear understanding of  how many people I could reach and you too, I went to the Census Bureau website.  On the homepage, there are an United States and World Population counting clock.  There are still people to reach.

U.S. and The World Population

there are still people to reach

Here is a little statistics to prove the statement, “there are still more people to reach.”  The Clock to the left is a capture of the population counter. Ever time a baby is born in United States you see the number increased by 6-8 second.  Now when this happens in the world the number increases by milliseconds.  Today is June 1, 2015, and according to the clock there are 320,991,142 in the United States (and counting) and 7,247,112,057 in the World.    How many marketers or potential marketers can you reach, thousands?  How many of them are searching and looking for value to direct them accordingly, thousands?  Yes, there are still more people to reach.  Now, when you read this blog, go back to the Census Bureau page and look at the numbers, guess what there will be more.

How to Reach More People

There are several ways of reaching more people.  Before I explain some, if you are uncertain about a home-based business and would like to learn more, I would like to offer you a FREE Information that addresses issues in Home-Based Business.  This book is also good for individuals who are uncertain about where they are at this present time.

Now, keep in mind that there are struggling network marketers who are looking for help.  They do not know you and you do not know them.  So a few of the best ways to reach them  is through Social Media, Blogging, Article writing, Solo Ads, Email Marketing etc… You have to understand their pain.  What are they trying to do?  What do you have to offer them?  And where are they trying to go?  The best way to answer these questions is to look at yourself.  How did you get to this point.  Who reach out to you and why did you accept.  Do you think there are more people out there like you?  The answer is YES!  There are and you can still reach them.

The Best Way To Increase Business

The way to increase your business is to promote your business.  I am not talking about spending lots of money, but promoting what you know.  Ray Higdon was close to foreclosure and had no money, instead, of spending money he did not have, he started blogging.  You can learn what he did. If you would like additional training that is not mentioned here, the right column of this blog has a list.  Also, if you would like additional free training My Lead System Pro will be able to place in the right path.

If you found this article and is interested in learning more, please email me below and share with others.

Priscilla Fauntleroy

Priscilla Fauntleroy
Fauntleroy Marketing Strategy

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There Are Still More People To Reach

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