There is more than one direction

Believe it or not, there are so many ways of accomplishing the same goal. There is more than one direction.

My husband and I have a disagreement recently because he is used to doing a certain chore a certain
way and I choose to do it a different way.

There are more than one directionWell, we never came to an agreement, but decided to agree to disagree.

When we made that decision everything was copacetic.

That’s how it is in our business.  There is no ONE direct way to run it.

What may work for others may not work for some.  It does not mean what they are doing is wrong.

Respect Others

I recently read a post on Facebook where an angry marketer started scolding another marketer because
they thought the technique that person was suggesting was wrong and deceiving.

So, that person decided to blast the other all over Facebook not thinking about the damage that it may have caused.

I know this marketer who was doing very well in their business and has helped so many others to do the same.  The work that was being done was phenomenal.  It helped me also.

Now just because it helped me, it does not me it will do the same for everyone that uses that approach.

Because of this and the blaster not seeing immediate results they felt cheated and wanted to let  everyone to know what they experienced.

Please do not let one person change your mind about a particular technique until you are able to weigh it and try it for yourself.

So, I write this brief blog to encourage you (yes you, the one reading this blog).  Just because one technique does not work, it does not mean there’s something wrong with that technique.

Instead of giving up and becoming disappointed, find something that’s works for you.

One thing I do know is there is something for everyone including you.

Remember, Rome was not built in a day and neither will your business.

If you go in with any understanding that you need the stick to it spirit, you will see results.

Whatever technique you decide to use, give it 90 days.  That mean working that technique 5 days a week or more for 90 days.

Watch what happen!

cropped-priscilla_full.fw_.pngPriscilla Fauntleroy
Fauntleroy Marketing Strategy

P.S. – Don’t become discourage learn from the massive and do what they do.  Start developing your skills today.  Reach out to me and watch this online webinar that explains in details what makes a difference in anyone’s business.

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