The Imagination is Powerful

How do great marketers get to their present position?  They imagine themselves there daily and now they are.  Einstein’s third 10 lessons of life talks about imagination.  I quote “The Imagination is Powerful -Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

The Imagination is PowerfulRecently, I read a book call “The Secret Code of Success” by Noah St. John.  A great book and must read. You can get at physical copy or download it on Kindle.   If you hate reading get the audio book on Amazon. Noah talks about how people focus on the “how to” aspects of success taught by traditional self-help programs without coming to terms with “head trash.”

Head trash is the subconscious, emotional roadblocks that prevent people from acting on their real hopes, dreams, and ambitions.

So you are imagining being powerful in everything you do, but if your subconscious is doing the opposite it is hard to accomplish your goal.  The Imagination is Powerful.

Why You Should Clear Your Subconscious

This is a hard thing to do.  Most of our thinking is subconsciously.  Although we are saying things verbally like I will make this amount monthly, I will do my business daily, I will exercise, I will… I will…

Your subconsciously can be sabotaging you.  You can’t make this amount, you are too busy, you don’t have enough time to exercise. You can’t… you can’t… you can’t…

If you apply the 80/20 rule, 20% says you can and 80% is saying you can’t.

So how do you overcome subconsciously what the 80% is doing?

You attack it head on. You identify those issues that are hindering you.  Noah St. John calls them afformation.

Yes, I wrote afformation and  it is not a typo. This is total opposite of affirmation.  Stay with me on this.  You’ve read a lot of self-help books that talks about affirming your desires daily.  Affirmations such as, “I will get those sales, I will make this amount monthly, etc…”  The Imagination is Powerful.

All of it is good; however, if its not getting you to your goal, something else is hindering you.  Those negative thoughts in your subconscious.  Let’s start clearing your subconsciously.

Clearing subconscious

A good way to clear your subconscious according to Noah, start a journal and write all the negative thoughts that comes to your mind about you and your business.

Do it in a question format.  For example, why can’t I make money in my business?  Why can’t I lose weight?  Why can’t I get leads, etc…?

I want you to really think about it.  Our goal with this exercise is to turn your thought process around. The only way to do that is to get everything out.  Take your time and be honest with yourself. Remember, today’s topic is about “The Imagination is Powerful.”

Done?  Now, how are you feeling?  Are you feeling weighed down?  Probably worse than before you started this exercise?  That’s to be expected.  You are bringing your subconscious to the forefront.

Now that everything is out in the opening, let’s start decreasing the weight.

Every negative thought you’ve written down, turn the page and write the opposite.  For example, I am making money in my business!  I am starting to lose weight!  I am getting leads, etc…

Now that you acknowledged what you are afforming, you can now start affirming.  Turn every why not or can’t into I am and I will.

This exercise pinpoints the issue.  You are not affirming in midair but affirming what actually is weighing you down.

When you know what you are working on, you know what to work towards.

Please note:  You can find all of this in Noah’s book “The Secret Code of  Success.”

Afformation Challenge

First I want you to read The Secret Code of  Success, then do the exercise in it.

Using the afformations you written in your journal, I want you to start tackling them for the next 30 days. Every day I want you to do something to decrease the weight.

I want you to pick a marketing strategy you can handle daily with no excuses.  If you know you can’t write a blog daily, don’t chose it.  However, if it is something you want to tackle because of the challenge, by all means, go for it.

After the 30 days, let everyone know what happen.  I believe everyone who takes this challenge will come back with positive feedback.  Comment below your results.


As always, I love helping individuals reach their goals both spiritually and professionally, please share with others if you found “school is in what are your plans” helpful. The Imagination is Powerful.

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