Stop Accepting Your Own Excuses

Excuses are a part of being human. The brain is wired to come up with the appropriate excuse whenever we’re in a critical situation, and it’s also wired to accept whatever excuses it cooks up. This allows us to avoid embarrassment when we forget a loved one’s birthday, avoid offending people when our toddler speaks a bad word, or approaching someone about your business. Stop accepting your own excuses.

But here’s the thing about excuses: they kind of sneak their way into the bigger and more important aspects of  our lives. And, if you’re not careful, they can end up preventing you from doing what you really want to do and creating the wonderful life you deserve.

Stop Accepting Your Own ExcusesHow Excuses Can Affect Your Life Negatively

“Negative” is a really strong word, and it’s not hard to believe that it can be in the same sentence as “excuses”. But that’s exactly what will happen when you let excuses control you: slowly but surely, you’ll ruin your future until you come to a point when you’ll look back on the years and ask: “What on earth did I do with my life?”

I can personally attest to this since there were times when I let excuses rule my decisions. I knew there was a great marketing platform that would generate quality lead and increase my business profit, but told myself, “I’m not ready to branch out and focus on that kind of business.” Not long after that, I thought about getting into coaching and helping other people build their dreams, but I hesitated because I thought I wasn’t good enough.  Boy was I wrong.  I used the same excuses for years until I change my mindset.

Excuses are normal but, if I had listened to all the excuses that my brain came up with, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I wouldn’t be here writing this post! Fortunately, I learned how to stop accepting my own excuses and push forward with the things I wanted to do. That meant setting my goal and moving towards it.

How To Get Out of an Excuse-Filled Life

Now that you know how dangerous excuses can be, I’ll share with you the strategies I used to live the life I wanted. These include–

  • Being aware that you’re making excuses – The first step to take is to become aware that you’re using excuses to avoid doing things that scare you but will eventually make your life better.  Have you ever hear someone say ‘that person lies so much, he believes his own lies.” That’s how excuses work. To avoid this, you can start by separating the excuses from the facts. For instance, it may be a fact that your savings haven’t yet reached the amount you want, but this shouldn’t be an excuse not to get into network marketing or affiliate marketing! You don’t need millions to get into your own business.   If you really want to become a marketer, you can do so any time and it won’t deplete your savings if you do it right.
  • Remembering that God is there for you – Whenever I’m struggling in my business, I read Romans 8:28, which says, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” This verse gives me the courage to move forward because I know that all the puzzles in my life will eventually fall into the right place since God is there for me! If you find it difficult to move past your excuses, remember this verse and let it give you the courage to do the right thing and move forward.
  • Creating a plan – Excuses stem from uncertainty, but they become less effective when you’re sure of where you’re supposed to go. So, to beat excuses at their own game, make a plan for the future. It doesn’t have to be extreme-detailed, but it should answer all the questions that float around your mind and give you the assurance that you can face the challenges ahead.

These are some of the strategies I used and you can use them also, to stop accepting your own excuses. If you’d like to know more about the power of excuses and how to defeat them, please email me.

priscillafauntleroyPriscilla Fauntleroy
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