Start Branding You

What?  Start branding you?  What on earth is this all about?  I am glad you’ve asked.  Recently, I read 7 simple marketing tips written by my CEO at MyLeadSystemPro to everyone of interest wanting to  win in their business.

Over the next two weeks I will be writing about what I’ve learned from these tips.  Remember to check back each day to learn more.

The first thing mentioned in this article was branding.  When you think about branding what are the first common names that come to mind?

These are items and graphics you look at and immediately know what and who they belong to.

Lets see how much you know.  I am going to list a few brands below minus the names and you tell me what they are.


Just looking at these brands you can guess the names right off.  There’s no digging and surfing the web to identify them.  You know what they are Coke Cola, MasterCard, Kodak, Target, Pepsi, Apple Microsoft, Pizzahut, Michael Jordan’s Nike, Starbucks, Domino’s, Nike, and Playboy. Guess what?  No one will questioned your answer unless you got it wrong.

That’s what branding is about getting to the point where people knows your name when a particular topic comes up in a discussion.  You want to be the go to person for your niche. You want to put no doubt in their minds.

Now that you understand branding, let’s go into details on how you can start branding you.

As I mentioned earlier, I will be discussing different parts on branding for the next two weeks.

As you read the upcoming blogs you will see redundancy.  I can’t avoid it because repetitiveness is the key to learning.

How to Brand You and Not Your Company

Branding you is a process.  It does not happen overnight.  The best way to start branding you is to give value.

Focus on what you know and not what you have.  If you are new in this business you most likely have not made any money.  Don’t worry it will come.

Start putting value content in front of your audience faces.  Attend your network marketing company training and leverage what you’ve learn.

A key thing to remember, people want to know what you know.  These future customers or prospects are not interested in your company.  They are interested in what you can do for them.

They want to know how can you help them succeed in their weight loss, their business, etc…

The best way to do this is to show and give them what they need without displaying your company.

The best way to start losing customers and recruit is to talk about your company.

We are in the internet age and everyone goes to it for information.  The moment you start talking about your company is the moment they start reviewing links on the web.

What they will find are negative and positive things.  This action along helps them make a decision of purchasing or joining your team. That’s why we emphasize to start branding you.

My conclusion

Understand that network companies come and go quickly.  The majority of them do not last one year.

Branding you allow people to see your expertise and not the company you represent at that time.

The chances of them following you are higher then following a company’s brand.

If you found value, please let me know.  All of my information is below. If you need help and a clearer understanding of what you should be doing, email me below.

Priscilla Fauntleroy


P.S. – If you have no one in your business and looking for extensive training on what to do,  watch this video. It shows you what you should be doing daily in your business.

Start Branding YOU

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