Productivity Makes A Difference Part 2

As promise, following are the next set of Productivity makes a difference Part 2 in your home business.  Please read October 3rd’s blog to learn more about productivities one through four. Below is a recap of the first four before we proceed to five through eight.

  • 1 – Failing to plan is planning to fail.
  • 2 – Use a stopwatch or timer. Set your time for 60 minutes intervals.
  • 3 – Ninety percent of your time should be about MMA (money making activities).
  • 4 – Multi-tasking should no longer be on your list.

Productivity makes a difference 5-6 for your business

5 – Avoid Productivity Makes A Difference Part 2distractions at all costs. Distractions can be things we don’t think about. For example, noisy kids, baby crying, television, music, emails etc. Scope out your work  environment and make adjustment accordingly. Turn off the cell phone, television, or any item that would pull you away from your business.

Two major distractions that affect newbies and some experience marketers are Email and Facebook.

Often times we find ourselves checking emails to see if you got leads or checking facebook to see what’s going on friends’ news feed can wait.

You don’t have to avoid them altogether just set a time to do those things. When that time is up, return to the business at hand.

6 – Establish a daily routine in your business. Create a daily schedule and try to stick with it.  My team provides a roadmap to all who sign up for the marketing platform I offer.  Your daily routine will be your roadmap to success.

Every teacher has to create a weekly plan that allows them to stay on track and get their assignments completed within a timeframe.

Their schedule is blocked out in hours.  Because of this, they know what they are doing from the time the bell rings to start to when the bell rings to stop. Even their bathroom breaks are scheduled.

When the time to stop one assignment to start the other, they stop.  Regardless if the students completed it or not.

Your routine schedule will allot time for breaks and prevents you from getting too overwhelmed, which leads us to productivity 7.

Productivity makes a difference part 2: 5-6 for your business

 7 – Take 10-minute breaks every hour.  It should be 50 minutes of work and a 10 minute break.  At this time step away from the computer and rest your eyes.

Recently I had an eye examine. The Ophthalmologist informed me that I have dry eyes.  Immediately he confirmed that I work on a computer.

Taking 10-minute breaks not only refreshes your mind, it also helps your vision.

8 – Incorporate Time Management.  Do you see a pattern here? Productivity 5-8 focus on what you need to do throughout the day.

If you’re like me, you don’t have 8 hours to work your business daily. Use your time wisely.  I set aside two hours daily to work my business.  Within those two hours I schedule two major things to accomplished.

Little becomes much when you purposed to do something every day where you eventually reap the fruits of your labor.

That means tunnel vision while you are working and not getting distracted.

Come back tomorrow and get productivities 9 through 12.

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Productivity Makes A Difference Part 2

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