Mistakes of Social Media Marketers

We all done it before thinking we know what to do when it comes to social media – mistakes of social media marketers.

Today I would like to discuss the mistakes of majority social media marketers and give you corrected actions to improve on your engagements and outcome.

Once you’ve learn these techniques, you will look back on your present state and ask yourself – what was I thinking.

The number one network marketing tool at this present time are social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Mistakes of Social Media MarketersSnapchat, Periscope, Pinterest, etc.  If you use these platforms wisely, you will see your income go from nothing to six figures or more.

Everyone’s story is different; however, learning what to do and how to do it can create massive changes in your life.

So, let’s start discussing these mistakes and how we can remedy them.

Mistake 1 – Branding Your Network Company

I know you are anxious to tell everyone about how great your network company is and how everyone should join.  However, the moment you put your company out there, people will start researching.

What happens when you research?  You find negative and positive feedback; however, the negative tends to stand out more.  The moment your prospect starts reading those feedback the moment your chances of getting that person to join your network company drops.

I made this mistakes and it was detrimental to me.  The person had signed up and decided to investigate further.  She ran across a negative review and decided not to join.  It wasn’t that the company was bad, it was one person’s way of steering prospects to their opportunity.

Branding your company also can lead to your prospect deciding to sign up with another person in the company.  Do not let any know about your network company until they see who you are and what you have to offer.

Correction 1 – Brand Yourself

Instead of putting your network company out there start giving value.  Tell how your business can help people within your niche.  Find out their pain and address it.

If it’s weight management, explain ways on how to lose weight and show examples without mentioning your network company.  You can discuss how certain exercise affects different parts of the body.

Talk about your customer’s pain and how you can ease that pain.  Become creative and watch how they start flocking to your offer.

Mistake 2 – Sending Unsolicited Emails or Private Messaging With Your Business Link

How many times have you open your social media account to see a message from a stranger?  What is the first thing that comes to your mind?  For most, anger and disgust.  I’ve had people reach out to me that saw my post in one of my marketing group.  The moment I see a link without my permission, I hit delete.

The majority on social media are there to connect with friends and associates, not to be solicited by a stranger.

Most of the time, the person you are trying to reach (like myself) will block or report your name. We all know if a certain amount of reporting appears on your account your account will be flagged or shut down.

Also, don’t send unsolicited emails because most likely those emails are going to the spam folder and the intended party may not see them

Every day I empty my spam folder that has at least 30 unsolicited emails.  Where do you think your unsolicited emails go?

Correction 2 – Ask for Permission

Start creating valuable content that causes them to reach out to you.  Create a landing page that allows a person to submit their personal information.  When that person hits submit, it opens the door for you to send anything within perspective. Use what you’ve receive wisely and don’t just give it out to make a few bucks.  If your landing page says their information is private, keep it that way.

Mistake 3 – Not Offering Valuable Content to entice your prospects

Majority of the time, people are talking about their network company and how awesome it is.  Guess what?  There are a lot of network companies that think they are also too.

What will stand out between your company and others?  The one that is offering value and set up to help the prospect.

You can talk and write until you are blue in the face, but if you fail to give value you fail to stand above the rest.

Correction 3 – Provide Valuable Content

The moment you start helping people is the moment they will take interest in you.  What better way to do this then to provide valuable content that not only help them but also builds your brand.

It goes back to Correction 1, show how you can help them.  This gives you authority in your niche and makes you an expert in their eyes.  Before you know it, people will be asking you how to do a certain task and can they join your team.

This will not happen when you send unwanted emails and text messages.  Take yourself out of the equations and see through your customer’s eyes what they really need.

Learn more about how you should interact on Social Media in this training course.  We talked about value and this is one thing I want to give you FR.EE.

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P.S. – Don’t become discourage learn from the massive and do what they do.  Start developing your skills today.  Reach out to me and watch this online webinar that explains in details what makes a difference in anyone’s business.

 Mistakes of Social Media Marketers

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