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Every dream or desire comes from within.  It is what you do with those desires or dreams that make it counts.  It’s up to you to look within. Regardless of what happens, don’t let it break you.   When you are crushed from the inside it starts to reflect on the outside. You have continue to look within and guard your dreams.

Look WithinThere will be obstacles up against you.  You must continue to look within and guard your dreams.  Remember, they are your dreams and no one will see what you see because they belong to you.  Now there will be those who understands, but will never see it.  Everyone has there own dreams and it is only applicable to them.  Yes, they will be with you in reality but their roles will not be your’s and your role will not be their.

I know that a mouth full, however, continue to look within and guard your dreams.  Following are ways to guard your dreams.

How to guard your dreams

  • Rid Yourself of Negative thoughts – the moment things don’t go as planned, negative thoughts creep in.  These thoughts may also come from friends and family within your circle.  Look within and guard your dreams against these thoughts.  When these thoughts come your way, and they will, turn them into something positive.
  • Invest in Yourself – The only way to succeed in any endeavor (business and life) you need to look within and invest in yourself.  How you ask?  Connect with those who are heading in the same direction.  For example, if you are trying to lose weight, connect with those who are trying to lose weight.  If you have a home-business and uncertain about your tasks, connect with fellow network marketers and learn from them.  Invest in training both free and at cost.  To learn more about My Lead System Pro, read my article How Attractions Marketing Works and My Lead System Pro Dominates.
  • Continue to Focus – Usually when my son is doing his homework, I look up and see him looking in a distance or playing with his pencil.  I give him that firm look, call his name and say, FOCUS.  Boom, we are back on target.  I talked about obstacles earlier. Obstacles are just distractions set in place to get you off focus. You see, once your mind is gone, it’s hard to bring it back.  I know there are some adults that have attention deficit and focusing for an extended period of time is a difficult task.  If you are working your home business and this is you, look within yourself and do things in increments.

What’s the Key?

The key to anyone starting a business is not to get too distracted too much.  Now let’s recap about how to look within and guard your dreams.  You want to clear your mind and environment of negative thoughts, invest in yourself and surround yourself with individuals going in the right direction (My Lead System Pro can help out with this), and you should continue to focus and not give up on your dreams.  Believe it or not, dreams do come true.

“God gave you your dream for a reason. He wants to bring it to pass. Your part is to have the faith to see it on the inside before it comes to pass on the outside.” – Joel Osteen

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Continue to Look within.

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