Learn to Build, Engage, and Sell

This is a simple process that most network marketers tend to forget including me, initially. I had to change my mindset and learn to build, engage, and sell (BES) to my audience on daily basis.

Learn to Build, Engage, and SellRemember we are doing a series about Branding You and 7 Simple Marketing Steps.  If you have not read the three previous articles that lead up to today’s article, please do so. They are Start Branding YouBuilding Relationship is the Key to Selling and Engage Your Audience to Uncover Their Pain.

Learn to build, engage, and sell are the foundations for any home business. Many think there is a special technique to these three activities.  There is not.  If you keep in mind that you are here to serve and not be serve these activities will be second nature.

Today I am going to dissect each one so when you complete this blog you will have no doubt in you mind what to do.

The reason why so many people fail in their businesses is because of lack of knowledge.

People think if you place your links everywhere in social media people will click on it and sign up.  Well, if you know what I know, many are not clicking on links lately.

There are many reasons for this and I would like to give my take on it.  First, people are skeptical about clicking links because they don’t know the person and are tired of being sell to.  Second, because too many viruses and spywares are out there that attack people’s computers which lead to the third.  They don’t know who you are and don’t trust you.  Read building relationships for selling to understand this statement.

For now let’s break down the three major activities in the simple marketing steps: build, engage, and sell.

Build your audience

How do you build your audience?  If you know who you are trying to reach (avatar) and you know what you have to offer to start building your audience.
You create content daily the addresses their problems and pains. It is not just any content, but content your audience is looking for. For example weight loss, you provide content that addresses major issues about what people are looking for to help them out in this area.
This is the same technique you use for any issue in your niche.  Show them how to do something and they will come back for more.
Continue to provide valuable content daily or at least three times a week and people will having no problem of giving you their information.
As you collect this information, reach out to them via email at least three times a week also.  Some network marketers say daily which is true; however, if you make an effort to keep in touch weekly they will not forget you.
Please understand this process will not happen overnight.  It takes time to build an audience and the average marketer doesn’t see major results until 30 to 60 days later.
However, when the flood starts coming in the chances of it stopping are slim if you continue to give them value.
Read blog  Engage Your Audience to Uncover Their Pain that discusses giving valuable content to your prospects while trying to build your audience.

Engage your audience

Never let your work be one sided.  Always be ready to respond to your audience.

If they have a question, answer it.  If they responded to one of your post or tweet, make sure you respond back.

Also, put content out there that gets you audience to react.  STOP!  I know where you mind is going.

Bring it back, and stay away from politics and religion while engaging your audience.

Everyone has their own opinion and may not agree with yours.  So keep controversial engagements away from your business.

Ask questions that eventually leads to your offer.  For example, lead your audience in a discussion about weight loss or health.  Ask about how they generate leads for their business or ask a question that will get their minds thinking.

Use questions like,  “Did you know that “drinking fiber” daily can help lower you glucose levels?”  Then explain how it works.

Here is another example about engaging your audience.  Review their posting, tweets, etc.. and comment on it that requires a response. Do not post links, development a relationship that will eventually pay off.

Remember like any relationships it takes time.  If you are engaging at least 10 people daily the time qill go by quicker.

Sell to your audience

Now that you’ve build and engage, it’s time to start getting paid.
Up to this time you have been feeling them out and understanding their needs.
If what you have to offer them is a fit, getting them to buy will be effortless.
They’ve come to you seeking you out because you have build trust and authority just by engaging.
This is what we call “Attraction Marketing. ” Your audience is now interested in what you have to say and sell.
The question will be ‘how do I get a copy of an item you mentioned.”  You direct them to a link with your offer and they are ready to sign up.
This is what B.E.S is all about.  Learn to build, engage, and sell. Putting the work up front so when it is time to sell everything goes smoothly.
You stand still and let them chase you.

My conclusion

Change the way you think and act.  Understand, you do not have and should not be begging anyone for money.  Give them what they need and they will freely give you what you want.

Serve them and they will eventually serve you.

This simple technique is overlooked by many which is why they fail. Get out there and start building, engaging, and selling in that order.

If you found value, please let me know.  All of my information is below. If you need help and a clearer understanding of what you should be doing reach out to me and will be more then willing to help.

Priscilla Fauntleroy


P.S. – If you have no one in your business and looking for extensive training on what to do,  watch this video. It shows you what you should be doing daily in your business.

Learn to Build, Engage, and Sell


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