Increase Your Zeal

Here you are, a year later in your home business with nothing to show for it.  Things are not going as planned. You need to increase your zeal.

When you first started, your goal was to have a certain amout of recruits and major customers. You have nothing. Increase your zeal.

Increase Your Zeal I too was in that position. I needed a break through and I needed something quick! Everything I tied to do did not work.

To top it off, moral support in the home was diminishing daily because there were not tangible results.

When I initially signed up for my home business, I like many others, was excited and ready to start making money.

I had a plan.  I had goals and I felt my breakthrough was around the corner.  All  I needed to do was make the right turn.

Unfortunately, what I thought was around the corner was miles away.  During this time, my zeal was at a low and the thought of giving up was lurching it’s ugly head.

You see, in the past, I would have given up and thought nothing about it.  I usually create my own pity party and cry.  I never did.

Mindset Breakthrough

The reason I did not give up was because I noticed at that moment giving up was becoming a pattern.

I looked back on all of my endeavors and noticed I gave up only to start another business only to do the same thing again.

It was an unpleasant site for me and I realized I needed get over the disappointments and increase my zeal.  If this is your story, you also need to increase your zeal.


In my blog, I talked about Consistency is the key.  Without it it’s hard to stay focus and maintain production.

It is ok to want to quit; however, it is not ok to do it.

Consistency tells you to get up and reach 10 people or write you blog.

It tells you increase you skills be reading something positive and learning something new each day.

Consistency tells you to continue to implement everything you’ve.  And, consistency tells you not to stop and to increase your zeal.

Remember, this is your business and only you can keep it up and running.  When you stop, your business stops.  So instead of giving up in rough times, find ways to increase your zeal.


priscilla_full.fwPriscilla Fauntleroy
Fauntleroy Marketing Strategy

P.S. Many people are looking for a push to do right and move their business to the next level. By changing a few things can make a difference. – Partner With MOBE

Increase Your Zeal

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