I Almost Gave Up On My Home Business

What!  Yes, I was in my network/affiliate marketing business and had decided its not worth it. I almost gave up on my home business!

I had invested a lot of money and saw no return on my investment (ROI).  Yes, I almost gave up on my home business!

The attention my spouse and I almost gave up on my home business children deserve went lacking and everyone was upset, I almost gave up on my home business!

It felt like I was pouring money down a water spout, thinking the next best thing will help me reach my goal, I almost gave up on my home business!

Do you get it?  Do you understand?  Can you feel my pain and understand my struggle?  Yes, I ALMOST!

STOP! Before you read on – I did not say – I gave up! But with all the obstacles placed in my path, I seriously thought about it.  At that time there was an attitude shift.  I recognized if I am ever going to be successful in my home business, I need to change a few things.  Not a lot, just a few.

It’s never a lot of things that makes a person wants to give up.  It’s usually one or two things that makes life unbearable and wanting to throw in the towel.  The attitude shift placed me in a position where I had to make a choice.  Either I succeed or sit down and give up.  From the title of this blog you know the latter was not an option.

So, what were the things in my attitude shift the made me press on?  I am so glad you asked.   It was three things I did continuously.  I call it my 3-Change Factor.

3-Change Factor

Renewing of the mind

Some call it mindset, I am calling it what I really felt. I need to renew my mind.  For Jeremiah 29:11 says “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  I knew what I wanted to do and had to understand I just need to do it.  I had to start doing things I really did not feel like doing.  And, I had to do it daily.  I knew I was destined to prosper in area where I had little skills, but had the desire to learn.  So I changed how I think.  I placed the stinking thinking aside and start positive reinforce.  Before I could proceed, I had to get it in my head.  And that’s what I did.

Implementing tasks

With the little skills I had I expanded on that. I started researching and learning daily what I should be doing.  I plugged into free training and started implement.  I set up daily tasks and created my own checklist.  I knew I had a family that needed my attention so I worked when I knew it would not affect them.  I had limited time and I used it wisely.

Daily devotion

What I realized during this time, I need to encourage myself. I could not let myself have a pity party.  Woe it’s me was not in my vocabulary.  So, every morning I made sure I read positive re-enforcement to help me through the day.  It would be my bible and daily inspirational task.

So, implementing these 3-change factors daily change how I act and react to situations. I call it my bread and butter for the day.  I used them to be more creative on the My Lead System Pro Mastery platform that provides me with weekly lead-generation training, customize website funnels that brand me, powerful affiliate products that pay me 100%, and everything else to market my business like the pros.

I hope these 3-Change Factors give you a clear understand about how not to give up on your home business.  As always, I love helping individuals reach their goals both spiritually and professionally, please share with others if you found these 3-Change Factors helpful.

priscillafauntleroyPriscilla Fauntleroy
Fauntleroy Marketing Strategy
Email: pfauntleroy@fauntleroymarketingstrategy.com

P.S. – MLSP Co-Founder Brian Fanale was speaking at a marketing event in San Diego a few weekends ago, and he created a 19 minute video sharing his #1 takeaway from a full weekend of ‘advanced traffic strategies.’ Check it out Here.


I almost gave up on my home business

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