Getting Your Emails Read

If you are in marketing whether network or email one of the major problems we all encounter is getting our emails opened by prospects.  In a world where everyone has access to an email account it is often that emails go unopened or deleted.  So, how can you get your emails opened and people taking actions whether it’s reading everything or clicking on your links. Getting your emails read.

I will say immediately, like the massive, when I see an email from an unknown individual, I deleted it.  Here is what I do, I open my email account and before I read any email, I hit select all and go down and deselect the ones I am interested in.  Out of about 60 emails in the morning, I will probably read about 20% which is around 10 of them.  The rest are automatically deleted. Getting your emails read.

Getting Your Email ReadWhat stands out in the 20% that catches my eyes that thee others do not.  Martin Sayers put is simple in his post “Simple way to get your emails read.”  Aside from knowing the individuals that sends email whether personal or business, there are a few techniques that makes me want to take action.

How To Get Your Emails Read

Let’s go over a few items that stands out to me.  This may vary person-to-person; however, I think the gist of it applies to the majority.

  1. Subject line – Do you have a catchy or interesting subject line.  What are you writing about and how does it fits individual needs.  If you are in network marketing, email marketing, or affiliate marketing, your needs are probably getting others to opt into your offer and join your business.  Guess what, the majority does not care.  So if you subject line is focusing on what you need and not the person who is reading it, I am 100% sure your email will not get read. Change your email subject line to address the individual’s need.
  2. Monitor how often you send emails – I know the majority say to send an email to your list daily and that is good.  What I am seeing a lot is those who send emails and I know them will mostly likely be read; however, if I get two or three emails from the same person daily, I would do two things: delete or unsubscribe. At that time, you are harassing more than providing an offer.  Pick one subject, include it in the subject line, and send once a day. The exception to this rule is when something comes up that you think your list would benefit from it.  Even so, this only for that one day only.
  3. Make your subject line personal – This will make my suggestions a triple whammy and therefore increasing your chances of getting your emails read. If you are walking down the street and you hear someone call your name.  What is the first thing you do?  You turn around to see who knows you and is calling you.  That’s what making your email subject line personal does to the reader.  It says, this person knows me and let me check out what she/he has to say.

The triple whammy is making your subject line interesting and directing it to the person by calling their names and decreasing how often you send your emails daily. If you are interesting in learning more about email marketing.  Please reach out to me at my email address below or filling out the form.

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