Facebook Engagement Is Not Dead

Facebook Engagement is Not DeadToo often I hear, stop wasting your time on doing business with Facebook.  Statements like, it’s hard to get an ad approved, likes, engagement, and visibility on Facebook.  Don’t waste your money, find another way.  I am hear to tell you Facebook engagement is not dead.  It is alive and kicking.  Instead of blaming Facebook, lets look at what you are doing or not doing to enhance your engagements, likes, and visibility.

Our goal as entrepreneurs is to share what we know and what we have to offer.  Before anyone will purchase products or items they want to know what’s in it for them.  What makes you the experts that anyone should accept your offer and buy from you.  Take it from someone who knows, the chances of anyone buying or listening to what you have to say are slim until you are able to prove yourself.  The only way to do this is to give value and to help.  So remember, Facebook engagement is not dead; it’s what you are doing that maybe in questionable.

My good friend Michelle P. provided 5 surefire ways to increase your engagement on Facebook and I would like to share them with you.  Before I elaborate, one thing to keep in mind as you revisit engaging on Facebook again.  More Content – More Visibility.  Understand, content is not just about your offer, it should include motivational text, how you feel for the day, questions, video, or anything encouraging.  Your offer should only appear on your fan page once a day.

How to get more engagement on Facebook

  1. Posting 3 to 5 times daily  –  I know before I start writing the first thing your mind is,  “I can’t be on Facebook all day posting things.”  No, you can’t and guess what?  I can’t either.  We are in the age where everything is made easy for you.  Yes, you are busy with work and family and have limited time to work your business.  Instead of doing everything manually, find ways to set your tasks up and schedule it.  Post Planner is a sure way of getting your content out there daily and becoming more visible to your audience and their friends.  Once you get a page like or posting like, your content now shows up in their news feed and their friends can see it also which gives you more exposure.  So if you are scheduling post to go out 3 to 5 times daily just imagine what can happen. Here are a few suggestions for posting.
    • Inspirational
    • Motivational
    • Interesting videos from others and the list below.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask a question – People love responding to open ended questions.  These open ended questions allows you to know you audience.  Don’t be afraid to ask the unasked. For example, “If I could change something in my life it would be……?  If God added one more hour to the day, I would do….?  Personal questions connect you to your audience and hit on items that are dear to their hearts. Some of your questions can also be about your business.  Such as, I am working on a webinar about Facebook engagement, what would you like to know?  Or, what is hindering you from moving forward in your home business?  Make sure you are asking questions that reach across audiences and not focus on one thing. Remember, Facebook engagement is not dead.
  3. Videos – The statement that says a picture is more than a thousand words.  There are so many ways you can express yourself in videos.  People love seeing who you are and what you represent.  Facial features shows the sincerity in your voice and the passion you have for the product or offer.  Do not shy away from video.  Get past your concerns about appearance and not being suitable for camera.  You goal is to engage and get “You, Inc” more exposure.  If you are camera shy, use props by displaying images and text of your discussion.  What ever you do, do not eliminate videos out of your engagement.  Post them on Facebook and watch the responses. Why?  Because Facebook engagement is not dead.
  4. Article – Here’s where you can used content from articles written by you and others.  Do not post the whole article in Facebook, but give a teaser and provide your audience with a link.  This will not only increase your engagement, but will send more traffic to your site – win, win, situation. Remember, Facebook engagement is not dead.
  5. Blogging – Like articles, you want to post your blog on your Facebook fan page and solicit feedback. I don’t recommend posting the whole blog but place a statement that will tickle your audience’s fancies and want to read more.  Remember, Facebook engagement is not dead, it’s how you interact with your audience that enhances your presence.

Finally, the sure fire way of getting people to your fan page is to create an ad using Facebook engagement. If you are interesting in branding, placing ads, and making more money on Facebook,  Social Media Branding Academy through the Online Profit Team  is an excellent training course by Michele P that goes into depth on how to get “You, Inc” a household name.  Remember, Facebook engagement is not dead.

I hope you enjoy reading about Facebook engagement is not dead and it gives you a clear understanding about where you should be.  As always, I love helping individuals reach their goals both spiritually and professionally, please share with others if you found “school is in what are your plans” helpful.

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Facebook engagement is not dead

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