Engage Your Audience to Uncover Their Pain

When you go to the doctor about an aliment, what is the first thing he ask?  Tell me what’s bothering you. Of course you go into details about your problem.  The doctor’s technique is the same technique used to engage your audience to uncover their pain.

Remember we are doing a series about Branding You.  If you have not read the two previous articles that leads up to today’s article, please do so. They are Start Branding You and Building Relationship is the Key to Selling.

Our focus is seven simple steps to attraction marketing and the previous articles detail the first two.

Now onto today’s topic.

A lot of people’s mindset is to sell to everyone they meet.  Please understand you can’t sell everything to everyone and, you can’t help everyone the same way.

Not everyone doesn’t need your solution; however, as I mentioned in Building Relationship is the Key to Selling, there are some do.

The only way to find those who need what you have is to engage them and uncover their pain.Engage Your Audience to Uncover Their Pain

In the last few articles we’ve been talking about how you can get more sales or prospects in your business.

Each day so far, I’ve given you clear instructions on how you can start implementing  them immediately.

Today is no different.  We are going to discuss ways you can engage your audience and uncover their pain and give you a couple pointers that will help you in your business.

It is up to you to start implement them.

Remember, you can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make him drink.

It is up to you to do.

Find the biggest problem and provide a solution

If you are in network marketing business or some Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) company, you have products that were develop to improve individual’s problems.

Now it would be great to go out there and say buy this product and everyone flocks to you.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.  People buy items from company and people they know have expertise in that particular products.

For example, when you are looking for endurable sneakers, what are the first few brands that come to mind, Nike, Reebook, Under Armor, Addidas, etc… correct?

How did these particular brands made it high on the marketing scales?  They advertised how their brand can make you feel and help improve your skills.

A simple marketing technique that explains how their items can solve your problems.

You see famous and not so famous individual using their brand achieving certain tasks.

That’s what you should be doing. Showing others how your products can solve their problems.

Stop selling and start helping

Attraction marketing is providing a solution that makes customers and prospects run to you with money and cash in their hands.

Yes as I mentioned before, we would love to just say buy my product and everyone does; however, it just doesn’t work that way in the real world.

Once you identify their problem, show them ways how your product can help.

For example, “Need leads or customers, see how this marketing tool can help you get both.”

If you are strap for ideas, look at what the massive are doing and duplicate. Remember to cater it to your personality and give credit where it is due.

Believe it not, it is not a rocket science when it comes to marketing. It’s understanding what you need to do and start doing it.

Everyone who is someone is telling and showing you ways to do just that.

Do your research and watch what happens.

Also, don’t be afraid to purchase items that help solve your problem.

What better way to make a sell then telling people how a certain product has helped you.

People become more connected when they are able to relate to a person that has the same issue.  I know I do.

Don’t be afraid to call

Calling your customers and prospect is one of the best ways to engage your audience to uncover their pain.

Somethings we think we know what everyone is going through.  Noticed I said think!

What better way to find out the truth then getting on the phone and hearing it from the horses mouth.

If a person takes the time to give you their number and it is correct,  they want you to call them.  So, don’t disappoint them.

So, don’t be afraid to call and uncover their pain and then provide a solution using your product line to solve it.

One last thing about this subject. Being in network marketing I noticed a lot of times that people provide the correct email but give the wrong number.  If the phone number doesn’t work, email them.

Set up a few recurring templates that reaches out to them at least three times a week.

My conclusion

When I started my network marketing home business, I had a huge problem needed to be addressed immediately.  I needed help in just about everything I was doing.

I was introduced to my training company that showed me ways to start implementing everything I learned to addressed network marketer’s problem.

Chasing after customers and prospects is a thing of the past.  I provide a solution that attracted me to them.

Guess what?  Regardless of the outcome, I refused to be tied to it.  I did what I was talk and let time do the rest.

Don’t chase, just provide the solution and continue to put the ideas out there that help.

If you found value, please let me know.  All of my information is below. If you need help and a clearer understanding of what you should be doing, email me below.

Priscilla Fauntleroy


P.S. – If you have no one in your business and looking for extensive training on what to do,  watch this video. It shows you what you should be doing daily in your business.

Engage Your Audience to Uncover Their Pain


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