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Every network marketing or affiliate marketing business should have one major requirement –BOLDNESS.  If you want to continue to make money or start making money you must develop boldness.  Timid individuals will be left behind wondering why things are not working out for them.  In my blog “How To Be Ten Times Bolder” I mentioned that you need to be B10XB.

Develop BoldnessYou have to get up thinking I will reach out to my contacts.  I will post on Facebook my business by giving value, of course.  I will write that blog.  I will, I will, I will.

Boldness needs to be a part of your DNA.  When your blood is drawn and the results come back, it should read boldness in the correct range.

Understand boldness is a development process.  Circumstances either increase your boldness or it decreases.  For the majority it is a decrease.  Why?  Let’s take a look.

Why do People Lack Boldness?

Being Rejected 

My daughter join the children’s choir in our church.  She loves singing and we wanted to encourage her so we allow her to join the choir. She really wanted to lead a song and the only criteria is to know the version.  Nothing else, just know the music.  Well my daughter did not know the words and the choir director asked her to continue to practice and try again the next time.  She was devastated!  In so many ways the average marketer is the same.  They reached out to someone about their business and was rejected.  They are left in a devastation mode and lots of times can’t return from it.  Accept you were rejected and move onto the next person.  The pain will be there for a while but when you see the income coming in I promise you it will subside.

Unfamiliar with the material

You start a new network marketing or affiliate marketing business and you don’t know as much as you want to know.  So instead of familiarizing yourself with the material you put off reaching out to prospect.  This should not be an excuse for anyone because the majority of network marketing or affiliate marketing businesses have training out of the yan yan.  As I mentioned throughout my blogs, get trained.  Focus on one marketing technique and master it.  No more excuses about what you don’t know.  Get on a platform that allows you to know and develop boldness.


Yes, indecisiveness.  Many don’t know what they really want to do.  Instead of getting over reject and engaging learning material they stay on the fence.  Instead of dropping off and plunging into their business they dip their feet into the water and pull it out.  They wait a couple months and do the same thing only to find their selves three months behind.  Understand, you cannot make up that three months it gone.  Being indecisive does not help you develop boldness but hinders your progress.

I will admit, I was not always bold in my business.  I too where afraid of being rejected, not familiar with the materials, and indecisive.  When I accepted that there are some things out of my control, I was able to move forward with boldness.  In addition, using a great platform that steered me in the right direction enhanced my my business.  Did I get that way overnight?  No, it took me getting over myself and pressing forward.  It setting aside time to focus on me through motivation audio, reading books, and developing a positive attitude.  It took me not being me but being what I waned to be.

Make the Change Today

The day you read this blog, take my advice.  Stop being who you are and start being who you want to be.  It’s time to develop boldness in your business and move it forward.  Reach out to me for assistance if you find yourself stuff and don’t know what to do next.  This is now in your hands, take advantage of it.

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