Create Content That Addresses Your Audience Daily

People are always looking for ways to increase income their home business. Posting your link online and not giving value is why people fail.  Start to create content that addresses your audience daily.

When you find something that makes you feel good or addresses a serious need, what do you do? You buy immediately or you return to it for information continuously.

Create Content That Addresses Your Audience DailyThat’s what creating content that addresses your audience daily does for your brand.  It feeds your customers and prospects and give them reasons to return to your website, Facebook page, twitter tweets, etc.. to get more additional information regularly.

When a person is fed good at a restaurant, they patronize it and recommend it to friends.  The food is that restaurant’s specialty and because it is so good the word spreads rapidly.

At least twice a year I go to Miami to visit my family.  When I’m there, I frequent a certain restaurant because I like the way they make a Caribbean specialty – fried conch! I don’t eat a lot of fried food but this delicacy I will eat continuously while I am in Miami.  The meat is tenderized and fried in a light batter. When it’s prepared, I sprinkle a little season salt and lemon juice. It is Um, Um, GOOD and I make sure I visit it every time.  Thank God I don’t leave there or my cholesterol would be high.

The hole in the wall restaurant is situated in an area that the locals frequent often; however, if you don’t know about it you would not know it exist.  The owner saw a need in the neighborhood and decided to address it. BOOM! It is now the go to place for reasonably priced seafood.

I gave that illustration because before you start creating content there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you are addressing the right audience.

Get clarity about your audience

Creating content is great; however, you don’t want to be creating content just to say you created something.

Our goal through this blog and the past four blogs (Start Branding YouBuilding Relationship is the Key to SellingEngage Your Audience to Uncover Their Pain and Learn to Build, Engage, and Sell) is to understand the simple steps to attraction marketing.

Each blog so far discusses how to start branding you and today’s blog is no different.

Before you start creating content, you need clarity on your audience.

Who are you trying to reach?  When you understand that you create content that caters to those individuals.

If it’s a popular niche like weight loss think about what you want to focus on.

It can be about the supplements that helps with the digestive system or different exercise routines that target outward appearance? Or it can be both?

The best way to direct your focus is look at yourself.  If you have or had a weight loss issue what were some of the things you were looking for.

Who were you looking at and how did it change your life.  Because it made a big difference in your life, how can it help others.

This is one example, you think about what your product does and how it can improve someone’s life.

Discover top challenges, problems, and pains about your audience

Now that you know your audience.  It’s time to dig deeper.

You want to list our their challenges, problems, and pains.

You want to know what they are frustrated about and how you can help them.  Remember, you are not talking about the company you represent you are talking about YOU and how what you have works.

If you are like me, when I was doing this and could think of nothing.  Then my mentor told me to look at me or someone close to me.

At the time, I couldn’t see it in me, so I looked at a close friend and my sister.

I listen to what they were talking about and started asking questions.  Through my questions I was able to come up with a few challenges and pains I could address through my network marketing business.

I took what I learned and ran with it.  It was a starting point that eventually moved me forward.

If you are still uncertain about issues and problems you could address, do a google search on your niche or audience.  Go through several searches and see what others are talking about.

See example below.  Searching on weight loss, I was able to find 5 challenges I can use to provide valuable content for my audience.  View the list below.

Create content that addresses top challenges, problems, and pain

As mentioned above here are 5 topics that addresses top challenges, problems, and pains for the weight loss audience.

  1. Proven recommendation for weight loss.
  2. There are no short cuts in weight loss.
  3. Healthy recommendation in meal preparation
  4. What to eat when trying to cut the fat
  5. Weight management tips

These topics were pulled from the 6 output in my google search.  I found 5 out of 6.  If I was to dig deeper I would find addition items to create valuable content.

Don’t tried to do everything on your own.  Why reinvent the wheel when those before you have done and succeeded in the work.  What I am telling you now is what I learned from others and I promise you it does work.

The information is out there, use it to start creating value content that your prospects and customers can benefit from.

After you’ve done this for a while, you will see how easy it is to provide valuable recommendations that address top challenges, problems, and pain.

My Conclusion

Every time you create valuable content, you should be addressing someone’s challenge, pain, or problem.  If you go into this knowing you are helping others and not taking from them, you will see how you passion increases as you move forward.

If you found value, please let me know.  All of my information is below. If you need help and a clearer understanding of what you should be doing, email me.

Priscilla Fauntleroy


P.S. – If you have no one in your business and looking for extensive training on what to do,  watch this video. It shows you what you should be doing daily in your business.

Create Content That Addresses Your Audience Daily

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