Building Relationships Help Build Trust and Authority Online

Picture this!  You know someone in a network marketing business who is selling a product that would change your life.  On the day you are interested in buying this product another person in the same networking marketing business pitches you.  Who do you buy from? Building relationships help build trust and authority online for your business.

I am not saying that it is that way all the time; but, the majority it is true. It not only applies on a personal level but also non-personal level.
Building Relationships Help Build Trust and Authority OnlineI know you are probably asking what do I mean because I just mentioned people are more app to buy from people who they have a relationship.  Think about this on a retail level.

When you are searching for a major product where do you go?  You go to places that you are familiar with.  For example if you are looking for electronics most likely you would go to Best Buy, Sears, or a store on the level.

People tend to flock to who and what they know.

The good thing is you don’t have to fret about this.  Today’s blog shows you how you can build relationships online and started getting leads and customers in your business.


How To Build Relationships in Business

First thing first – Get the phrase “I need to get this person to buy something from me now.” It will not work and people will see through your facade.

Before you started your home business how did you meet people?  Most likely, you went up and introduced yourself.  There was no underlining agenda.

You had a great interest in them as a person.  Most likely you had a casual conversation that lead to nice talking to you and have a great day.

Building relationships help build trust and authority online because you are showing you genuinely care about that person well being.

I love talking to people so building relationships come easy if I am not trying to pitch something.  In the past, the moment I start a conversation with someone new I would clam up.

It was very difficult and my residual income showed it.  No matter what I did I could not stop appearing pitchy.

To overcome this I decided to place the person I was talking to in my shoes.  I kept business out until the opportunity arrived and behold when the time came, they were ready.

I will admit, it took time.  Sometimes it would be 2 weeks and other times it would be over 3 months.

The most amazing thing came out of those relationship, a special bond, a friendship.

Remember Thursday, November 10th, I will be discussing this in my webinar.  Register today and come early.

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P.S. If  You Are seeking help in your home business opportunity and want a clear understanding about building relationships help build trust and authority online, reach out to me and watch this video.  It may be what you are looking for –  Having a Mastery Mind.

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