Building Relationship is the Key to Selling

When you think relationship, you think of a close connection between two individuals or more.  Well building relationship is the key to selling when there is a connection.

We are picking up from where we left off from yesterday.  My goal throughout this series of blogs is to get you to understand that Branding You plays a lot in how you run your business.

So if you have not read Start Branding You, please do so because each blog leads to the next.

When I met my husband, it was not love at first site.  As a matter of fact, it wasn’t even like.

I had an opinion of him that I will not go into detail here.  Let’s just say there was no serious attraction there.

Building Relationship is the Key to SellingWell, he thought otherwise.  He started doing subtle things. Very simple things like when he saw me asking how was my day going?  Complimenting me on my looks. Walking me to my car and holding interesting conversations.  Showing me that he was truly concerned about my well being.

Before I knew it, he asked me out and I said yes.  The rest is history.

Building relationship is the key to selling.  Just like me husband got to know me that’s what you should be doing to get to know your customers and prospects.

You should never walk up to someone or post your items on social media and ask them to buy your stuff.  The chances of someone purchasing anything is very slim.

It takes time to build a relationship.  The best way to do that is to give value for free.  When the time comes and you start selling most likely they will purchase.

Today, I want to discuss a few things you can start doing now to make it happen.

Don’t be Afraid to Connect

In order to start a relationship with anyone you have to be able to connect.

Think about how you connect with people outside of your business.  You usually find things that you have in common and expand on that.

The same thing applies in your home business.

By this time you should know your niche and what they are looking for.  You connect with these people by giving them what they need.

The best way to connect is through a social media platform.  There you will find a hunger beyond anyone’s imagination.

Let’s review a few statistics so you will have a clear understanding of what I am talking about.

From 2008 to 2017 social media presence in U.S. alone has increased from 24% to 81% (See social media profile 2008-2017).  Worldwide social media users has reached 1.96 billion and is expected to grow to 2.5 billion in 2018.

In a country where over 80% are on some form of social media, it should not be hard to connect with a few thousands in your niche.

My mentor said this to me and has stuck with me.  He said “Priscilla, understand there are 100,000 individuals out there that only you can reach.  Your goal is to find out where they are.”

That statement applies to everyone that are starting or have a business.

The best way to connect to you 100,000 is to follow interesting parties in your niche on social media and commenting on their status.

The best way to identify someone’s pain or problem is to look at what they are discussing.

At this time, you are not posting links, you are building a relationship by posting genuine comments.

Meet 10 people daily, stay connected with them, and start building a relationship.

Connect and Interact

I sort of touched on this a little in the previous section and now I will go into details about  how you should be commenting.

You’ve connected those individuals and noticed they are having issues or problems you know you can resolved.

Using the training you’ve received, start giving them value content to help them.  Give them free training and webinars that will address their pain.

If they don’t have any customers or prospects in their business show they how they can start generating leads immediately.

At this time you ask for permission to send them a link that you know will address their problem.  Make sure every link you send has a call to action at the end.

After you’ve sent the link, within 24 hours follow-up with them and see if they need additional assistance.

Continue to interact, build a relationship, and give them valuable content. Just like the link you gave them, make sure everything you give has a strong call to action.

Continue to serve and eventually a high percentage will turn into customers for your business.

Don’t expect this to happen overnight.  As I mention above, my husband did not pounce on me he wined and dined then BOOM!

The same with your prospects and customers.  Wine and dine by giving them quality information and watch what happens.

My Conclusion

Remember you want to attract people to you.  The best way to do this is to give valuable content that makes them ask what you do and how can they be a part of this.

Never chase after anyone and never give them your link unless you get permission.

Continue to pump out content with a great call to action and let time do the rest.

If you found value, please let me know.  All of my information is below. If you need help and a clearer understanding of what you should be doing, email me below.

If you have not read Start Branding You, do so now.  It has some valuable content will open your eyes.

Priscilla Fauntleroy


P.S. – If you have no one in your business and looking for extensive training on what to do,  watch this video. It shows you what you should be doing daily in your business.

Building Relationship is the Key to Selling


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