Breakthroughs Are Through Breakdowns

We go through life feeling good until something happens and we breakdown.  Do you know there breakthroughs are through breakdowns?

Before you get your biggest breakthrough, you will encounter your biggest breakdown! – Steven C. Krivda
keep breaking through the breakdowns…. there are people who are waiting for you to impact their lives!

When I say breakdowns, I am not referring to mental disorders that lead to depression.  I am referring to accepting within yourself that you need help.

Why do some people fail at marketing and or improving their business is because they are just too proud to ask for help.

I was that way.  I thought if I read up on the subject I would be able to implement the work and everything would be OK.

Breakthroughs Are Through BreakdownsAs I look back on those thoughts, I now say ….”really.”

Even the best of us have had help somewhere along the way.  Every seminar or webinar I attend each person had mentioned their mentor.

Don’t be Afraid to ask for Help

No matter how smart you are, everyone needs help when they are trying something new.  Why reinvent the wheel when people you know are already doing it.

If I don’t have used my brain to figure out how others are making money in their business, I will not.

I started out being afraid to ask for help.  I went two years trying to figure things out and got no where.  Then one day when I felt so bad and contemplating quitting, I received my breakthrough.

I broke down and decided to search for help and found something that went beyond my basic need.

I was provided with a coach that detailed what I should be doing daily.

Have you ever asked yourself, what are the best marketers doing daily to get results in their busy?  I have and I’ve pondered on that question for over 2 years.

Plug Into A System

In conclusion, one of the best ways to increase your knowledge is to stay connected. Start using a training platform that provides you with the tools to hep you succeed in your goals.

Now is the time to plug into a system that provides daily motivational training and weekly Wednesday webinar training.

It’s the platform that shows you how to create You, Inc.  Furthermore, it provides powerful funnels and customer relation management system that keep track of your every business move.

Finally, I love helping individuals reach their goals both spiritually and professionally.  We learn from each other and if you found this blog helpful don’t hesitate to share.

This should give you a clearer understanding about how to better yourself in network marketing.

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Just a small note:  If you are no recruiting people in your business take a few minutes and watch this video.


Breakthroughs are through breakdowns

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