Blogging Helps Build Trust And Authority Online

Do you know that blogging is one of the top marketing strategies to building trust and authority online?  Yes, blogging helps build trust and authority online in your business.

It is a why to show others exactly what you know and what you do.

Also when you blog there are so many things you can talk about.  The will never be short of content to talk about and tie it back to your business.

Once your have your blogging site setup, the only thing you need to do is write.

Reasons Why Blogging Help Builds Trust and Authority Online

There are several reasons why blogging helps build trust and authority online in your business.  I will discuss three that are important to me.

As you write, eventually the real you comes out.  Have you ever written an email angry about a situation and your choice of words reveals how you.

You look back at the email after everything has calmed down, you realize how harsh you were?

That’s what blogging does when you continuously provide valuable content. So let’s look at the reasons.

  1. It helps you earn respect from your family, friends, and those that are in your niche.  If you are like me, you tried some many marketing strategies that did not work.  One of the reasons, I did not know what I was doing and I kept hitting walls.  When I started blogging my information was reaching a lot of people in my niche. Not soon after that those who did know me was asking what I did and how can they find out more.
  2. It’s one of the cheapest and fast way to get your information out there.   By setting up my Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I pick a keyword in my niche and write about it.  I was able to use my imagination and reach people who were experiencing the same thing.  All of this done without spending money and only using SEO.
  3. It allows you to tell a story, your story.  Everyone has a story to tell and no one can tell their story like the person who lives.  Blogging helps you speak from the heart and like those angry emails, it shows the real you.

These are three personal reasons for me.

Do you know that blogging help builds trust and authority online because you are able to teach others; therefore, teaching yourself.  That’s why you see a lot of “How to” blogs.  It’s just bloggers being trained and sharing what they know.

You Can Make A Difference

Blogging helps you make a difference.  When you start writing things down people will start reading.

Speak from your heart and they will come.  Be truthful and they will see it in your words.

Don’t worry about dotting every I’s or crossing every t’s, it will come.  Continue to write and you will make a difference in your niche.

It toBlogging Helps Build Trust And Authority Onlineok me a while to catch on, but eventually everything started falling in place which is why you are reading this article today.

My mentor, Ray Higdon, created a training course I used to help me with my blogging techniques.  It is called The 3-Minute Experts.

Yes, it does not take long to write a blog when you have been doing it for a while.

The 3-Minute Experts helps you to build trust and authority in your niche by showing a formula where you will get 10X results, 10X traffic, 10X engagement and 10X revenue.

Over the next few days, I will be showing you what I’ve learn so you will have the opportunity understand why I do what I do.


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Fauntleroy Marketing Strategy



P.S. If you are seeking help in your home business opportunity and want a clear understanding about blogging to build trust and authority online, reach out to me and watch this training.   Having a Mastery Mind.


Blogging Helps Build Trust And Authority Online

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