Be Careful How You ThinkBe Careful How You Think

In so many ways, our mindset determines are actions.  I read this and wanted to share it with the community.  You hear quite often, you are what you eat.  Guess what! You become what you think. Be careful how you think.

Proverbs 4:23 says, “Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts”

Solomon’s proverbial insights are as relevant today as ever before. “Be careful how you think,” he tells us, “your life is shaped by your thoughts.” So if you think you will be nothing, your life will head in that direction.  If you say to your self daily, I am a great entrepreneur, and I will be teaching others what I know.  Guess what, you will start heading in that direction.

In the New Testament we are told by the apostle Paul that our lives are transformed by the “renewing of our minds”(Romans 12:2). In other words, beliefs determine behavior.  You believe you will be nothing therefore you do nothing.  You believe you will be a great interpenetrate, you start working and doing to be just that.

If you believe the right thing — you will do the right thing. And the exact opposite is also true. If we believe a lie, we will live the lie — and our lives will fall short of the glory of God.   Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Understand Your Plans

Because God knows you plan, you should know them also.  That is accomplished by how you think.  Be careful how you think.

Not only be careful how you think, but also surround yourself with individuals that think like you and think more than you.  You will always want to position yourself in an upward motion so, be even more careful who you choose to befriend; for we ultimately become like those with whom we most closely associate.

If you spend your time in the company of complainers and murmurers, critics and fault-finders, nay-sayers and dream-killers — then your life will diminish, your light grow dim, and your presence become dull around others. Spend your time in the company of faithful men and women, who walk in the Spirit and know the Word of God; who understand the Times, and who spend their lives to help others succeed — and your path will grow brighter and brighter.  In addition, spend time with positive entrepreneurs who are going somewhere and don’t mind you riding along.  In fact, are willing to show you exactly what they do.  Positive entrepreneurs that will help direct your path both professionally and financially.


We are living in historic times – times that require deep conviction and decisive courage. We must not be so absorbed with self interest that we become easily offended with what we don’t understand and thus, make rash and stupid decisions. Our thoughts must be formed by truth, our opinions must be enlarged by intelligence, our words strengthened by wisdom and grace and  our behavior monitored by self-restraint, and our interaction with others marked by respect and civility.

What hangs in the balance in these days of global turmoil and uncertainty could be the very welfare of our world. “Be careful how you think because your life is shaped by your thoughts.”

Think truly. Decide courageously. Act nobly. Stand firmly. Live generously. And die honorably. Your life matters now more than ever, and how you think shapes your very life. And what you choose to do with your life has lasting consequences.

Think great and be great!

As always, join me in making great choices to enhance your business and prosper and learn how to  generate your own leads for your home business in taking everything up two notches with MyLeadSystemPro.  Be careful how you think and be what you should be a great entrepreneur.

I hope reading about be careful how you think and it gives you a clear understand about where you should be.  As always, I love helping individuals reach their goals both spiritually and professionally, please share with others if you found “there are five types of people” helpful.

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Be Careful How You Think

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