How To Aim For Excellence

Aim for excellence

Wonder why the same marketers are excelling in their businesses.  it is not by chance.  It’s because they learned how to aim for excellence.

What is ‘excellence’? According to Webster Dictionary – “to be better than and excel/surpass beyond the original state.”

So, what are the popular network marketers are doing and how they are working their business daily to aim for excellence?  They are doing the same thing over and over again’ they are remaining consistent.

When I was teaching my son how to read, he was having difficulties.  I seeked his teacher for advice and she told me to have him read 20 minutes daily.

The repetition will eventually give him a clear understanding and he will start reading fluently. Eventually, I start seeing progress in his reading.

Excellence does not come overnight.  It is a stage and continuously plugging in will eventually place you above the rest.

What To Do

There are lots of hungry marketers looking for someone to show them the way, which is good.

Hunger show you have a deep desire to make a change in your life and those you encounter.

The best way to cure hunger is to feed it.  The best way to help  marketer is to train them.  The only way to get train is to plug into a system that is making a difference.

The only way for any self-employed business owner can succeed is to have continue prospects and customers in their pipeline.  Without this the business will surely fail.

To aim for excellence, you should be reaching out to at least 10 new people daily.  In today’s world that is a simple task.  Social Media has placed us in the position where we able to connect with those.

Meeting 10 new people daily is not to pitch your offer but to get You, Inc out there.  To do this, you start following them and commenting on their pages.  Simple task that drive people crazy because they do not know what to do.

Build a business 0f excellence

As I mentioned earlier.  People are hunger to start making a change in their lives and their business.

You want to be the go to people when their is a question or a need.  The only way to build a business of excellence is to make sure you ae equip to respond to those individuals.

When I first started my business I lost a lot of customer because I was not equipped.  I thought I was but I wasn’t.  Everything I did was scripted.  Because of this when the call came in, I did not know how to handle it.

I sabotaged my own business in the beginning.  This is not what you want to do.

Get plug into a system that explains:

Facebook Marketing

Key thing to remember, everything you do in your home business your goal is to aim for  excellence.  Start immediately and each day you work your business will move you towards excellence.


I love helping and showing fellow network marketers and others on how to aim for excellence and  increase traffic flow in their business.  If you found this article and is interested in learning more, please email me below and share with others.

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Fauntleroy Marketing Strategy

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how to aim for excellence

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