5-Step FormulaThe 5-Step Formula To Generate Lead

If you are struggling to attract customers and generate leads, what are you doing daily?  In my blog, “Stop Struggling to Attract Customers and Generate Leads,” I mentioned a few daily actions that everyone should be doing.  Follow these 5-step Formula to Generate Lead and watch what happens.

My Lead System Pro

I just reviewed the replay from MyLeadSystemPro.  That’s one key factor I love to mention.  Sometimes I am unable to join the weekly training; but I don’t worry.  I know that I can catch the replay as soon as it is released; usually 24 hours later.  Sorry, I digressed.

I would like to compliment Lisa Torres Allen who did the training.  She explained in the last 7 weeks she had generated 1400 leads and over 100 reps in her business making over $6,400 with no paid ads.  Congrats again Lisa!

Daily Mindset for 5-Step Formula

Lisa and I are similar in so many ways.  When I listened to the training I realized she and I were on the same page when it comes to daily routines in our business.  In my “Stop Struggling to Attract Customers and Generate Leads” blog I gave a few steps you should be doing daily.  Guess what?  They aligned wit Lisa 5-Step Formula.  So, I titled this blog after her training and I want to share everything with you.  What I’ve learned and you will also is if you set a daily routine that is the prerequisite to exploding your business.

The highly recommended 5-Step formula that is very simple:

  1. Put yourself out there daily.  You have add value to what you do! Whether its weight loss, affiliate marketing, nutrition, on any other home business.  Let them know what you know!  However you decide to do this, make sure it is one mechanism and master it.
  2. Always give a call to action (CTA).  Do not leave them guessing, tell them what you want them to do.  For example, “If you would like to learn more about MyLeadSystemPro, hit me up on Facebook .
  3. Answer their questions when your leads connect with you. Don’t be afraid to share what you know.  If you are uncertain let them know and you will find the answer for them.  Stay connected!
  4. Offer them free training.  MyLeadSystemPro has over 30 free training course you can offer your leads.
  5. Always follow-up – Enough said :-).  Stay Connected! 5-Step Formula To Generate Lead.

You Must Believe In Yourself

Believe it or not, all of the top marketers and gurus are doing these recommendations everyday.  Now it is time to shift your mindset and to start. Learn more about My Lead System Pro and start attracting customers and generating leads today!

If you found this article and is interested in learning more, please email me below.

Priscilla Fauntleroy

Priscilla Fauntleroy
Fauntleroy Marketing Strategy
Email: pfauntleroy@fauntleroymarketstrategy.

P.S. If you don’t have any people to recruit or have less than 10 people in your business, you should take this training. – THE DEEP ABYSS

 5-Step Formula To Generate Lead
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