13 Ways to Jumpstart Traffic to Your Blog

Ok, now that we have a blog set up and understand what the pros do, it is time to learn 13 ways to jumpstart traffic to your blog.

13 Ways to Jumpstart Traffic to Your BlogAs I mentioned so many times before, it takes time to get traffic to your blog so don’t become impatient when you see things are not going as quickly as planned. The key thing to remember is to continue to add content and you will see results.

If you have already, please read How to Build Your Business on a Budget and 10 Blogging Secrets of the Pros. There are many ways to promote your blog, the 13 suggestions just touch some of them. If you would like additional suggestions, please contact me. Your goal is to build a following of loyal readers and subscribers everyday. So let’s get started.



Post quality content

Don’t just write anything. Really think about what you want your readers to know.  You have to understand your niche and identify what people are looking for. I know you are probably saying how can I do that? The answer is pretty simple. Type in your niche in a search engine or even Youtube. Review what comes up when you hit enter. It tells you what people are searching. Use that information and create interesting and compelling content that people want to read.

Post regularly

Try to post at least 3 to 5 times a week. Believe it or not, this use to be hard for me. I found myself posting sporadically; then go on a posting binge and come to a screeching halt. I would not post for weeks. During those weeks I am not posting, I am kicking myself in the butt. I wanted to post but I let things and people get in the way. It was my excuse and I used it every time I got an opportunity. To get past that, I decided I would post at least once a week and then increase it until I get to the desire number of posting.

Become the expert

Know what you are talking about and talk about what you know. Plain and simple. Start doing researches your topic. Everything you learn, write a blog post. It doesn’t  have to be long. You just want it to be valuable and continue to bring people back to read more. Continue this process and watch what happens. You will find yourself writing freely about your niche without relying on research every time.

Reach out to your readers

Get your readers involve in sharing your content. At the end of each blog, ask them to share on their social media accounts. If you don’t feel comfortable in doing that, get the plugin that allows them to share automatically without you pitching a request. When I read something that is interested and I think my social media contacts would enjoy, I don’t hesitate to hit those shared buttons.

Encourage your readers to subscribe

What is one of the best ways to get your offer in front of as many people as possible? On your blog site there should be a form for individuals to subscribe to your newsletter and RSS feed. Ok don’t panic! I can see you brain churning saying I don’t have a newsletter. You can create a simple newsletter easily. It should contain anything going on with you for the week or month and any upcoming event you want your subscribers to know. Every time you create a blog post, you add it to your newsletter with an easy accessible link. That’s it, nothing more.  We will discuss RSS feed later on.

Use video marketing

A picture says a lot of words, well video marketing says more. Create a simple video 3 to 5 minutes that discusses your post and give them a link to review. You don’t have to go into details because you want to get them back to you blog. Give them the appetizer and lead them back to your blog for the meal. The key thing to remember when doing video marketing is to always send them back to the blog post you are referring.

Use media in your post

We know you blog post is interesting; however, what draws people in more are video, pictures, and audio. If you decide to use video, you can post the video you created in video marketing task or you can create a new one. My recommendation is to stick with the one you already have. Make sure your call to action send them to your blog post if using Youtube or any video channel and a statement that indicates they are already ready your post. For example, your call to action can be “well if you want to learn more about zippity do dah continue to read me blog post at…. (you fill in the blank). Now you’ve kill two birds with one stone. You have a video for marketing and you have media in your post.

Don’t be afraid to share the love

What usually happens when you share someone’s content, they usually reciprocate. The rule of thumb is (which don’t always happen) I follow me, you follow me. You share my blog post, I will share your blog post. So if you see something out there that may benefit your subscribers, don’t be afraid to share that information even if the other person doesn’t share yours.

Search Engine Optimization

In order for any blog to appear in the search engine you must make sure your blog is optimized. This means keywords, description of the blog, and other meta tags. I can go into details about what that contains, but this training explains it better.

Be the first

Be the first to post about new and exciting developments in your industry. Let’s face it. Being in the network marketing industry, things are always evolving. Usually you can find this information within your marketing company. Majority of them do their due diligent to ensure you have the latest and greatest information. Take that information you’ve learned and write a blog post. A simple 300 word discussion will do.

Update your social media site

Whenever you post a blog, make sure you update all of your social media sites. If you have any followers they will click on the link that will take them to the blog post. The more followers you have on your social media sites the more eyes you get on your post.

Claim your blog

Here is something a lot of people are not mentioning but may know of. You want to claim your blog. Claiming your blog builds more followers and allows you to follow others in your niche. The platform I use is call BLOGLOVIN. I found a great tutorial that will help you set everything up. It takes minutes and you will benefit from it once you blog is activated.

Use a Forum

Start posting in forums and link back to the blog that reference the information. Submit an article to the forum and don’t be afraid comment on another people’s post. Remember, and I can’t emphasize enough, you want to give values here as much as possible. Do not  become a spammer and post your link everywhere. This will hurt your image more than help. Let your focus always be how can I help others today. You can never go wrong with that.

RSS Feed

Promote your RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed to sites that allow submissions. Utilize feedburner to promote your blog. Google has a tool that allow you to easily manage each of your RSS feeds. You can read more about this at How to use RSS feeds to promote your blog.

There you go.  Thirteen ways to jumpstart traffic to your blog.  I hope you found this post very informative and very valuable.

Start implementing some of these 13 ways to jumpstart traffic to your blog immediately and watch what happens.

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13  ways to jumpstart traffic to your blog


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