10 Reason I Use Elite marketing Pro10 Reasons I Use Elite Marketing Pro

Before I discuss the 10 reasons I use Elite Marketing Pro part 1, let me give you a brief description of the program.  Elite Marketing Pro is one of the Best MLM marketing system available to help generate leads and to increase your income.   Elite Marketing Pro is a fairly new marketing program that was officially launched July 29, 2013 by Tim Erway.  We are now embarking on our 2 years anniversary.

It is both a training platform and affiliate program. I reason I decided to discuss why I use Elite Marketing Pro is because of all that it has to offer.  These 10 reasons are important to me; however, once you get access to the back office you will find additional 20 reasons on top of the 10.

In a nutshell, aside from training,  Elite Marketing Pro allows you to earn up to 100% commission our every product you sell from your affiliate link.  Elite Marketing Pro has made this easy for anyone to joined. View the video below on how to get started immediately.

I am so excited about elaborating on Elite Marketing Pro programs that I decided to split this presentation up into two parts. Although the title says 10 reasons, today’s blog talks about the first five.  Tune in tomorrow for my conclusion.

P.S.  most of today’s training content is FREE, compliments of Elite Marketing Pro.

Reason 1: Ignition Coaching Program 10 reasons I use elite marketing pro

This program was developed to teach and train you on exactly what Tim Erway did to launch his multi-million dollar business Elite Marketing Pro. In this program, you will discover what others already know about this amazing system and how they used it to leverage their internet business. Ignition coaching program is broken in to three levels and two coaches are assigned to you at certain levels.

  • Level 1:  Foundation – In yesterday’s blog, “Your Business Can Be Improved,” I gave you 4-steps I followed to improved my business and change my lifestyle.  Most of my decision came from the basic of Level 1:  Foundation. Level 1 is broken down into 4 Modules: Wealth Hacking, Work Less, Live More, The Fast-Track to Freedom, and Your Lifestyle Business Plan.  When you’ve completed level one, your business goals will be more visible on paper. Yes, Ignition Coaching Program is hands on.
  • Level 2: Launch – Now that you have your business goals laid out, it’s time to implement.  The level is also broken out into 4 modules:  Launch Your 6-Figure Business, 5-Step Advertising Formula, the Pipeline Profit Formula, and The Ultimate X-Factor.
  • Level 3:  Propel – WOW after 2 levels your business is up and running and generating income.  At this level you are now learning about the 6-Figure Evolution, Deploying Your Lead Machine, and the Power-Branding Blueprint.

I know there are a lot of coaching programs out there and you do have your choices.  The Ignition coaching Program with Elite Marketing Pro along with additional training resources are what you need to make up your mind.

Reason 2: Attraction Marketing Formula

10 reasons I use elite marketing proHave you heard of Magnetic Sponsoring:  How to Attract Endless Leads and Distributors To You Automatically?  If you have not, reach out to me and I will get you a copy of the old book for training purpose only.  Since the official launch of this book, Mike Dillard has written an updated version that was released on Amazon.com.  Attraction Marketing Formula boot camp covers this and more.  It is base off of Magnetic Sponsoring and it shows you how to implement the formula and attract endless leads to you.  It gives you the attraction marketing strategies you can use and implement daily.  It is available on PDF format and is ready for download immediately.

Reason 3: Facebook Power Sheets

10 reasons I use Elite Marketing ProWithin any marketing platforms there are a lot of priced items; however, there are a lot of free items.  These Facebook Power Sheets are free and ready for download immediately.  Being in the network marketing industry you tend to connect with others that are doing what you do.  One of the main concerns I hear lately is Facebook is deny ads and are shutting down accounts.  A couple reasons behind this is people are spamming and are using mechanisms that raises red flag immediately.  These few cheat sheets and additional courses in Elite Marketing Pro has taught me what not to do.  Facebook marketing is not dead.  Don’t believe the hype.   It is alive and people are expanding their businesses by learning and understanding exactly what Facebook do not like.  These FREE cheat sheets give you step-by-step information you can use daily to increase your business.  I consider it among the best Facebook marketing tool I have in my library.

Reason 4: 5 Winning Headline Formulas

This is a10 reasons I use Elite Marketing proanother freebie and reason I use Elite Marketing Pro.  When you embarked on this networking, affiliate marketing business you knew you had to reach people.  As we all know there are compelling words that draws someones attention. Words like FREE, winning, earned, commission, etc… If you see these words you want to know about the offer.  The 5 Winning Headline Formulas helps you identify these words and draw your prospects and leads in.  You want to be able to grab their attention, read your sales letter, or watch your video and return back for more.  This FREE training shows you the quickest and the easiest way possible to create profit pulling sales letters and videos that keeps them coming back.  This is Tim’s $30 million step-by-step conversion formula.  Effective writing equals great profit.

Reason 5: The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

10 reasons I use Elite Marketing proFreebie number three.  The anatomy of a perfect Blog Post gives you 10 powerful blogging secrets of the Pros that will dramatically increase your readership and convert your prospects into raving customers.  These secrets will virtually write your content itself.  It gives you simple steps you can use to start making $1,000 month from you blog within the next 30 days.  What do you have to lose with this freebie.  It will take you from $0 to $1,000 and increasing monthly.  The steps are laid out, you follow, BOOM – you profit.

I’ve given you 5 of the 10 reasons I use Elite Marketing Pro.  Elite Marketing Pro not only trains you but they give you the platform to create a system that will bring you profit from this day forward.

Learn More and lets reach your goals together.

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P.S. Remember, if you don’t have any people to recruit or have less than 10 people in your business, you should take this training. – IGNITION COACHING PROGRAM

10 Reasons I Use Elite Marketing Pro Part 2

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