10 Blogging Secrets of the Pros

Last week we started a series on Building a Business on a Budget.  My focus is to always get you the best bang for your bucks, which is why I am sharing the 10 blogging secrets of the pros.

10 Blogging Secrets of the ProsI know some people are saying that blogging is dead and why go there.  I personally don’t think that’s the case.  If you search on a specific topic, the first page of that search points to blogs.  Believe it or not, people are looking for you and the best way to do that (as I tell my son continuously) write it down (in a blog post).

You see, you are not able to talk to everyone about your business; but if you create a blog site, you are able to everyone with information for years.  It’s the best way to have residual income without even trying. I hear of bloggers saying that are still getting results from a blog written several years ago.

Why not follow what the pros do and start making money in your business on a continuum.  One caveat to all of this is you have to be patience when creating a presence through blogging. When you start creating blogs you want to ensure you are connecting to all of your social media accounts. This allows the blog post to be posted to those accounts immediately.  That’s for another lesson.  Today we are focusing on the 10 blogging secrets of the pros.  Let’s get started.

Make sure you are clear about your purpose

Ask yourself why are you writing this blog?  What do you want your reader to get from your blog?  When they are on your page, what do you want them to do? Keep in mind that your sole purpose is to give value and get leads.  In the process of doing that, you  provide a simple link that leads them to a capture page where you can collect their information. Do not put your link throughout your blog.  Yes, you want their information but you don’t want to be too obvious.

Understand who is reading your blog or who you want to read your blog

Many times people write all willy nilly without understand who they are writing for.  When pros start writing their blog they know exactly who they want to reach.  So, they cater their text to that audience, which some people call their Avatar.

Below are a few questions you should be asking yourself.

  • Who are you writing to?
  • Are they female or male or both?
  • What is their age?
  • Are they married or single?
  • Do they work or looking for work?
  • What are they doing now – work related?
  • How much do they make?
  • Think about what are they looking for in life?
  • What may be holding them back from achieving their goals?
  • What are their pains and keeping them up at night?

When you understand who you writing for, the easier it is to create great content that addresses their need.  When you first start out, it will be uncomfortable but the more you do it, the better you will get.

Focus on one main topic

As I mentioned earlier, starting you own blog can get a little complicated when you are trying to get your thoughts together.  To get pass this, I recommend you start with one topic or idea for your post.  Then discuss it with in writing in an entertaining or informative way. For example, my focus with the past post and upcoming posts is to show you how to build your business on a budget.  In the process of doing this, I am giving you as much information as possible.  Usually, I write blogs in about 500 words or less.  For this post, I will be going well pass it because I have a lot say

Make sure your headline is compelling

Make sure your headline speaks to your reader.  Remember you are writing to inform them and get them to read your post.  So use phrases such as “how to,” “understand,” “step-by-step,” or “where to get.”  These are just a few suggestions for you to think about.  They don’t have to be exact words but should be in the family of giving value.

Write out 3-5 important talking points

So today, I am talking about giving you clear directions are what the pros do in their blogs.  Before I started this journey, I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about; however, I needed to do a little research.  Ordinarily my blogs would be 3 to 5 talking points; however, because the title of this post, is 10 blogging secrets of the pros, you are getting more (you are welcome). If you are uncertain about the flow, create an outline.  Each talking point should (but don’t have to) lead into the next talking point.  You want to write as if the person is standing in front of you and you are having a conversation.  You want to keep their attention, so KISS (Keep it Simple Silly) it.

Use examples or stories

These examples or stories can come from your own experience or someone you know.  It can be something you read in the daily news, a movie you saw, or a discussion you may have overheard. Earlier in this post,  I told you what I was trying to accomplished and gave an example.  In that example, I tried to get you to understand talking points.

In past post of my, I talked about in incident that happened to my son and I reference it to a point I was trying to get across.  I love telling stories because I love hearing them and the best way to relate to people is through metaphors.  It drives home the conversation.  Everyone can relate to a good story. Don’t be afraid to use other people stories, just make sure you attribute the information correctly.  For example, all of this information I am relating to you is from a training course I took through my training platform.  You can learn more here.


Include a clear strong call to action (CTA)

This action is hard for some people.  They don’t want others to think they’re just out to get their business or money.  I will be honest with you.  Some will think that and there is nothing you can do about it. They are not for you.  Oh well, move on. In every post the pros write, they make sure to have a strong and clear call to action.  Want to learn more about this, click here.  Highlight the “here” and give them the link to where they can get it. Sometimes a call to action can be just getting them to comment.  Whatever you want them to do, just ask.  Give them the option.  If they are interested they will click, if not they won’t.  You will never know until you ask and as my mentor Ray H. says, “don’t be tied to the outcome.”

Make sure you post is easy to read

Use plenty of white spaces, related images, bullet points, or list to convene your information.  For the most part, if you are here reading blogging of pros you are very interested in learning.  But in a world where ADHD is very prominent now, the average person scan the post to see if they are interested.  One way to draw their attention is to bold the words you want to catch their eyes as they glaze through the post.  Include these words in your keywords so the Search engines can capture them.

Make sure they know who you are

Make sure you have an “About You” section in your blog.  Also, at the end of a post make sure they know who you are. Include an image of you and your contact information. I try to include a form that says “work with Priscilla.” I mentioned earlier about making sure your blog is connected to your social media account.  Here is also a good way of asking them to follow you on your social media account if you don’t have a button.  Give them the link and let it go.

Review your content before you publish

There has been several times, I gone back and reviewed a blog and wondered what was I trying to say.  Don’t forget to review you post before you hit published.  Double check spelling, hyperlinks, spacing, grammatical errors, and the friendliness of the post.  If you can, leave the post alone for one day and go back a review it one last time before you publish it.  You will be amazed at how many errors you catch or rewrite a sentence.  For the most part, if the content is valuable people tend to overlook minor errors; however, there will be those who don’t.

There you go.  Ten blogging secrets of the pros.  I hope you found this post very informative and very valuable leave a comment.

I hope you are clearer understanding about 10 blogging secrets of the pros.

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10 Blogging Secrets of the Pros

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